July Goals

It’s the middle of the month in the middle-of-the-year month. If that doesn’t sum up my middle-but-not-complete goals of the past few weeks, I don’t know what does. I recently found myself frustrated and discouraged by – well, quite honestly, everything. I have many projects that are started but not complete, many ideas that are formed but not followed through, and many emotions that aren’t sure how to feel. And then I glance at the calender and realize that we are not only halfway through, this month, but also this summer and this year. 

I always get the “Summer Scaries” this time of year. School supplies are starting to fill the store shelves, we are getting closer to the end of summer than the beginning, and, this year especially, feels like I haven’t soaked up the long days of summer to their entirety. But thankfully, I recognize that I reach this point each summer so this year, I’m committing myself to savoring the days of summer – from the dew on the grass early each morning to the last lavender and peach strokes of the summer evening sky – all the while working to wrap up my unfinished projects. So, this month’s goals are focused on getting these projects complete, recentering myself and relishing in the sweetness of summertime. 


June Goals

  • Continue to work my way through ‘100 Days to Brave’ devotional and journal through joyful scripture in my Write the Word journal.
  • Plan and celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!
  • Establish a new morning schedule for summer and create a summer bucket list of summer activities
  • Complete Italy Scrapbook (so close!) and journal in our wedding memories book in honor of our anniversary
  • Donate junk that has accumulated in the garage
  • Read two articles about running a blog
  • Budget and book summer trip

July Goals

  • Move “100 Days to Brave” to a more localized location to encourage me to read it and complete a devotional series with my mom. 
  • Actively check-in and off Summer Bucket List items with Jody
  • Make a decision about vacation and book fall camping weekend
  • Finish Italy album and upgrade phone to iPhone X
  • Build a privacy wall for patio and hang lights
  • Learn about working with tourism-focused brands and identify my professional strengths
  • Prepare for a new car purchase!

What are your favorite ways to savor the days of summer? Or, what are you hoping to accomplish in the next few weeks? I’d love to hear! If you’d like, you can leave them in the comments below! 

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