August Goals

Hi friends! Quite oppositely as this past spring seemed to drag on, July passed in the blink of an eye. While it always makes me a bit sad that summer goes so fast (even when at home, who knew!), I’m not willing to let it slip away just yet. We still have another full month ahead of days filled with sunshine and evenings that echo the chirps of the crickets in the grass. Similar to what I shared last month, I have no intention of ending this summer with fully savoring each day for the beauty and joy that it brings.

When I set my goals for this year, one of the phrases that came to me when considering the legacy I want to have was “to savor the days like a child does in the summer”. I have never quite understood how deeply I wanted to feel those carefree, long, summer days until this year. In an effort to relish in the simple joys around, I chose to keep my goals simple or to combine them with activities that I’ve planned to do but have yet to complete.

This month, I’m looking forward to utilizing our patio with its newly installed privacy wall and new throw pillows, making some much-needed upgrades to my technology, and most importantly, enjoy our social-distanced getaway to Maine. After putting our vacation plans on hold (and quite frankly, changing them completely), I am so excited for a little getaway to one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t wait to show Jody the beauty of the Northeast!


July Goals

  • Move “100 Days to Brave” to a more localized location to encourage me to read it and complete a devotional series with my mom. 
  • Actively check-in and off Summer Bucket List items with Jody
  • Make a decision about vacation and book fall camping weekend
  • Finish Italy album and upgrade phone to iPhone X
  • Build a privacy wall for patio and hang lights This would be done except we had to wait for Tropical Storm Isaias to come through! Grateful for no damage! 
  • Learn about working with tourism-focused brands and identify my professional strengths
  • Prepare for a new car purchase!

August Goals

  • Participate in and complete the Write the Word challenge later this month
  • Hold a Jamaican-themed date night with Jody
  • Invest in a new fitness tracker
  • Start Peru scrapbook and upgrade to iPhone X
  • Find a Work From Home desk for Jody
  • Take new headshots for blog
  • Tend to retirement account needs
  • Relax on our trip to Maine!

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