Quarantine Q + A

When Jody and I travel, especially during road trips, we almost always ask each other questions to help pass the time. I struggle to stay still and am notorious for easily becoming bored, so you can imagine my current state of going stir-crazy amid this quarantine. In the spirit of helping to pass the time … Continue reading Quarantine Q + A

Why I Decided to Cancel My Trip

At the beginning of the year, my sister and I decided that we should plan a trip that coincides with her spring break from medical school. Knowing that I have a few extra vacation days leftover from last year, and that once she starts her second year of school in the fall, her schedule will … Continue reading Why I Decided to Cancel My Trip

6 Ways to Unwind After Work

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’m fasting from using social media after dinner during Lent this year. I’ve become all too comfortable coming home from work, plopping on the couch and getting lost in the world of Instagram, Facebook and the like for countless minutes (even hours!). And while … Continue reading 6 Ways to Unwind After Work