February Goals

How is it possible that it is February already?! January flew by, and I imagine February, and all of the months approaching the wedding, will be the same. February is one of my favorite months, mostly because of all of the pink and hearts everywhere. I’m excited to see what this month holds, even though I know it is about to get really busy around here!

January 2017 Goals

  • Find a way to exercise at least twice a week While this started off rough (yay for being sick for a week), I would say that I’ve been good at being active this month!
  • Complete more entries in my Write the Word Journal I hope to complete more in February but I made a good start
  • Read ‘Jesus Calling’ every day (I didn’t read it once. Fail.)
  • Find a couple’s devotional for Jody and I to start
  • Book our honeymoon
  • Mail save the dates

February 2017 Goals

  • Book our honeymoon!
  • Read ‘Jesus Calling’ every day
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a no-wedding-talk date night
  • Try 3 new healthy recipes
  • Send someone happy mail
  • Start devotional (picking it up today!)
  • Pick out invitations
  • File 2016 Taxes
  • Book cake baker
  • Finish reading ‘Grace Not Perfection’

These goals barely touch on the amount of wedding tasks to accomplish. My biggest hope for this month is to live and love intentionally and cherish these moments preparing for the best day of our lives!


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