Newlywed Home Inspiration

One thing Jody and I have extensively talked about is our newlywed home! We’ve never lived together, except for staying at our parents’ house for the past year, and even then we had our own separate rooms. We made the decision before we got engaged last year (and revisited the topic when we moved) to wait to live together until after we got married. While we both still agree that was the best choice for us, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t hard, especially when most of our friends did live together! Needless to say, we have spent a lot of time dreaming about our future home to get through some of the tough days.

Thanks to our obsession (well, mine. Jody just tolerates it :)) with Fixer-Upper, we both love the rustic with a bit of classic style. However, picking colors and some of the decorating items has been a bit of a challenge. I like a light filled house, while Jody opts for all things in dark wood. We’ve been trying to work to find some items that will please both of our tastes, while making the house look complete and matching. Here’s a little of our inspiration to guide our registry pickings!

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