The Gents’ Attire

Going into deciding what our lovely groomsmen would wear was such a daunting task! I take pride in my knowledge of wedding details and gowns, but when it comes to men’s wear, I had no idea where to begin! Luckily, Jody wanted to have a say in the decision making process so I relied on his advice and opinions for this part of the planning!

Way back when we first started discussing colors and attire, Jody and I knew we wanted grey suits for our groomsmen (consisting of his brother, two friends from college, a friend from childhood and one from post-college life). We knew we wanted it to be a light color, considering we are getting married at the end of June (hello, humidity!), but were slightly worried about the grey clashing with our blush, gold and champagne color palette. After a little skimming through the internet (how did people plan weddings before Pinterest?!), we gathered some ideas that were the southern gentleman look we were trying to achieve.

When it came to ordering the men’s attire, I wasn’t sure where to start. We had discussed finding custom suits for our gents, with the option of having them available to keep, but knowing all of them were traveling out of state to be there with us, we decided to find a budget friendly option. We decided to go look at Men’s Warehouse to see if they had any options that we liked, since we had such an easy experience with them in the past. After a few hours of choosing between ties and bow ties, brown or black shoes and the right shades for the vests, we had our gents looking as handsome as ever! We can’t wait to see them all together, but I really can’t wait to see my soon-to-be hubby at the end of the aisle. 🙂

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