December Goals

When I think of the Christmas season, two contradicting images pop in my head: curling up under a blanket, sipping on a warm drink, while the sparkle of the christmas tree is the only light besides the glow of a favorite Christmas movie streaming on the tv and the flurry of gift wrapping, endless packages arriving on our doorstep (thank you, delivery drivers!), booked weekends, and an endless list of to do that all somehow must be accomplished before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Day. I don’t know about you, but I know which of these situations makes my heartrate increase just a little.

I aspire to be the kind of person who has their shopping mostly complete by Thanksgiving, so that I can spend all of my December days truly embracing the season. While that is not my reality this year, I do feel an extra layer of pressure to savor this year, more so than years prior. I’m choosing to focus on a few meaningful activities to indulge in – introducing Emerson to some of our traditions like Cookie Day and visiting a Christmas Tree Farm, creating new ones, and a few select holiday events rather than trying to it all. Emerson is not going to remember this year, but I will. And my Christmas wish is that I will remember the cozy evenings by the fire, instead of the chaotic rush of trying to do it all.

November Goals

  1. Transition into new role at work.
  2. Revisit dining room refresh plans.
  3. Joyfully host our families for Thanksgiving.
  4. Reinstill weekly date nights with Jody.
  5. Take Emerson’s 5-month picture.
  6. Decide on six-month family/Christmas photo session.
  7. Read “How to Celebrate Everything”.
  8. Apply a calming face mask weekly.
  9. Schedule flu shot.

December Goals

  1. Celebrate the joy of Christmas.
  2. Host ornament swap.
  3. Complete 2023 Powersheets prep.
  4. Cultivate an intentional Christmas season.
  5. Celebrate six months of Emerson (!)
  6. Read weekly development email for EEC.
  7. Schedule weekly date night with JBC, including annual End Of Year date.

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