2022 Ornament Swap

Friends, I’m excited to bring back my snail-mail ornament swap for a third year! Participating in this type of swap with new friends has been a highlight of my holiday season for years, and it has been so special to share this with you these past few years.

For those of you new to the swap, I am on a mission to bring a little festive spirit to your mailboxes! I invite anyone to join me in spreading Christmas cheer to participate in my annual ornament swap. This swap asks for you to mail an ornament to your swap partners that I assign upon registering – ornaments can be store-bought or homemade. They can be reflective of something you learn about your swap partner, reflective of you, or just something sparkly and cute! As long as you’d be willing to hang it on your own tree, it is fair game!

Here’s how the swap will work:

  1. By Saturday, December 3th: Complete the Ornament Swap Sign-Up form with your basic contact information for swapping purposes.
  2. The Week of December 5th: I will email the names and addresses of up to four people who will be your swap partners.
  3. By Monday, December 12th: Drop your ornaments in the mail. Of course, the sooner you mail them, the sooner your partners will receive a little holiday magic in their mailbox!

Please feel free to invite any holiday-loving family or friends to join us this year as well! Be sure to tag me when you start sending and receiving ornaments. I hope this will bring a little Christmas cheer to your mailbox and trees! Happy Swapping!

Sign up here!  Ornament Swap Sign-Up

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