November Goals

Despite knowing this post is coming each and every month, I can never seem to get my goals posted before it is half over. I wish I could use “I’m a new, working mama” as an excuse, but longtime readers know that this trend is not exclusive to this season. I, however, like to think that it is due to being in the thick of it with Emerson and making priceless memories with my little family.

Without trying to prove my point, October might have been the best month since little Miss officially joined us earlier this year. It continued the theme of full and busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We started the month off with an overnight camping trip to a local state park, which was a huge success. Emerson is a pretty easy-going baby, but still, I wasn’t sure how a night of tent camping would go. My outdoor-loving heart exploded when we woke up the next morning to my girl smiling up at me – turns out she loved it just as much as I had hoped. The following weekend was spent doing all of the fall things in the Blue Ridge Mountains with some of our dearest friends. Our October wrapped with celebrating Emerson’s first Halloween. While it was a bit rainy, our little beanie baby family enjoyed trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and then curling up with a bowl of chili while watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Such sweet, sweet memories!

October Goals

  1. Read advice from other mamas on finding balance.
  2. Find ways to utilize time in the mornings.
  3. Complete passions and purpose assessment.
  4. Read ‘How to Be a Good Stewart of Your Finances’ devotion.
  5. Reorganize garage.
  6. Take Emerson on her first camping trip.
  7. Relax during weekend in the mountains.
  8. Take Emerson’s 4 month picture.
  9. Decorate for fall.

November Goals

  1. Transition into new role at work.
  2. Revisit dining room refresh plans.
  3. Joyfully host our families for Thanksgiving.
  4. Reinstill weekly date nights with Jody.
  5. Take Emerson’s 5-month picture.
  6. Decide on six-month family/Christmas photo session.
  7. Read “How to Celebrate Everything”.
  8. Apply a calming face mask weekly.
  9. Schedule flu shot.

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