Thoughts on Five Years of Blissful Moments

On a December evening five years ago, I opened my Macbook laptop, logged into WordPress, and took a leap towards an idea I had been toying with for several months – restarting a blog. Many don’t know, but “Twenty Something” was my first stint in the blogging world. While I loved that blog and the sarcastic commentary I share about the ups and downs of being a twenty-something, it was hard to keep up with while trying to balance my senior year of college and the process of submitting job applications. Flash-forward to that December day, sitting on my parents’ living room floor, I hit publish on a new blog.

Photo by the lovely What a Delight Photography

Originally started as a wedding planning blog, as I was six months out from my own wedding date at the time, I wanted this blog to be a space to share inspiration with my fellow brides, capture my journey through the planning, and overall be a place where people could find joy. I lived for flipping through wedding magazines, even prior to meeting Jody and getting engaged, which morphed into a love for wedding blogs and I knew I wasn’t the only one whose heart skipped a beat when spotting an elegant table setting, felt serenity pinning flower bouquet images, and got teary-eyed reading beautiful love stories.

Blissful Moments not only fulfilled the purpose of a wedding planning blog but so much more. 233 posts later, this blog has seen me through getting married, the sweet newlywed season with Jody, travels to many dream locations like Italy and Peru, buying our first home to now, expecting our first baby. I’ve tracked goals, shared recipes, honest health experiences, and curated inspiration boards from holidays to home decor.

Photo by the lovely What a Delight Photography

Whether you have been following me since the very early days when I didn’t know how to set a featured image for each post or just found me in the past few weeks – I am so grateful for you. Every click, every tag, every share, every comment, and every DM encourages me. Looking to the future of what this blog can be, there is nothing more that I could hope for in this little corner of the internet as a place that inspires, encourages, and gives you a place to unwind.

As I begin the sixth year of Blissful Moments, I feel the urge for change. Whether it will be as simple as the layout of this blog or the variety of content shared, this move is timely. I have some thoughts of my own on where I’d like to see this go, but I also don’t want to alter its direction without your input, my faithful readers. So, friends, I invite you to take a few moments and share your thoughts with me through my annual reader survey (you can find it here). As a thank you, I will be sending out a gift card for a cup of coffee on me! After all, I’d like to think that if we were together in person, we would be chatting over a refreshing, warm-hearted drink.

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