Master Bedroom Inspiration

The first home-improvement project that we decided to tackle this year is our master bedroom! We are long overdue for new furniture and are so eager to upgrade to a bigger and softer mattress! We’ve been very fortunate that both places that we’ve lived have provided a roomy bedroom, so it is our vision to create a retreat for us to unwind, other than on our couch.

Jody and I have always seen eye-to-eye on furniture styles, but have sometimes struggled to agree on colors. To my surprise (and delight, might I add!), we are in full agreement for our bedroom. As you can tell, we are attracted to the more neutral, light, and airy tones. There is something so calming at looking at these images that I’ve rounded up for our inspiration board, and I can’t wait to bring that same level of tranquility to our space.

We are planning to continue our Modern Farmhouse style in our bedroom. Outside of being longtime fans (well, speaking me for here!) of Fixer Upper, the Farmhouse style bring a level of welcome and comfort to a home. To me, it also looks “lived-in” as well! Some homes are decorated so specifically and while beautiful, they don’t necessarily offer a “please, sit and stay a while” feeling. At the same time, the crisp and clean lines of a modern home is equally appealing to me. The combination of simple and a bit elegant details is the perfect mix for us!

Comfy bedding is a must for our cozy oasis. We love our current bedding from Crate + Barrel (you can see it here), but are enticed by the idea of something new! Besides neutral linens, we hope to bring a bit of soft colors to the space through a coat of paint, seasonal pillows and throws and a bit of greenery – I’m on the hunt for a simple olive tree for the corner of the room. To add to the retreat factor, we are thinking of adding some sort of reading nook to encourage us to use this space for more than just sleeping!

We are still looking for the exact furniture we hope to purchase, but have our overall plan in the works. Just a warning for any of you also looking to update your master, we have run into months-long shipping delays from some of the furniture warehouse in our area. Just keep that in mind as you shop – we are hopeful that we will be able to find a set that can be shipped and delivered before spring!

3 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Inspiration

    1. It has been quite a challenge to find furniture, especially without delay times, in the past year. I’m hoping to complete our master before the end of spring. Best of luck furnishing your home!


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