We Have Some News…

Friends, it is with all of the joy and excitement to share the news… we are having a baby!!!

Jody and I found out we were expecting in early October and have been harboring this little secret ever since. We were able to share the news with our parents shortly after finding out, and then with our extended family when we hosted them for Thanksgiving. It has been so fun to share this news with our family and friends, but it was such a special secret to keep! I’m now just over 15 weeks along and I am so excited to finally share this big life update with you!

Here are a few questions that friends and family have been asking me so far:

When are you due?

Our due date is June 20th! We’ve joked that, of course, we would add a baby to the mix during what is usually our busiest month of the year, but it will be so special to (hopefully!) celebrate our 5th anniversary as a family of three.

How are you feeling?

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good, especially now that I am into the second trimester. I’ll admit, weeks 7-10 were a bit of a doozy dealing with the fatigue and all-day nausea, but considering I was warned to expect worse due to my gastroparesis, I can’t complain. I still experience waves of nausea and a little more back pain, but all-in-all, it’s all good!

Are you going to find out the gender?

No! Jody and I had decided long before getting pregnant that we wanted our first baby’s gender to be a surprise! We have our suspicions, but won’t know for sure until he/she is born!

How did you find out?

Considering we had been trying for some time, I was more shocked than I anticipated being when I got a positive pregnancy test. I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to take a test but was still not expecting a positive result, as I had experienced this feeling before. I hardly could believe it when I saw “positive”, that I took two more after that! There were a few little early signs that I thought were odd, but didn’t really think twice about them until after!

That afternoon, I ran to the store to pick up a few cute little things to surprise Jody with when he got home from work. It wasn’t until I told him that I started to actually comprehend that we were pregnant!

I am grateful and eager to document this next chapter here in my little corner of the internet. I’m not sure how much or of what I’ll share, so if there is something you are interested in reading more about regarding my journey to motherhood, please feel free to share!

**Before I wrap up this post, I do want to share a disclaimer: the struggle of infertility is not lost on me. Know that if you are walking through this, you are in and will continue to be in my prayers.

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