December Goals

Happy December, friends! It is hard to believe we are just weeks away from wrapping up this year, especially with Christmas quickly approaching. This is, by far, my favorite time of year and I’m so thrilled that the season of joy is finally here. It is also the season of hustle and bustle, which accurately sums up the past few weeks around here. Between getting ready to host both sides of our family for Thanksgiving (which was as delightful as we had hoped!), immediately kicking off Christmas festivities by cutting down our tree, decorating our home, and baking all of the Christmas cookies, to multiple big work deadlines and events, I could practically sleep from now until Christmas.

I’m ready to slow down and soak in all that this time of year has to offer. I’m still working to check off some of these goals, but hoping that these more enjoyable tasks will make it seems more fun versus “to-do’s”. Admittedly, I’m focusing more on grace this season – if I can complete all of these goals, fantastic, but to me, it is more important to focus on the ones I love and the joys of this season. Here’s a look at what I have planned this month…

November Goals

  1. Keep gratitude at the forefront of this season and prepare for Advent.
  2. Channel our playful side through games with JBC.
  3. Walk 135 miles this month.
  4. Design and journal next photo album.
  5. Finish reading two books.
  6. Host family for Thanksgiving and choose Christmas cards.
  7. Order a new fridge and replace light fixture.
  8. Plan relaunch for blog.

December Goals

  1. Celebrate the season of Advent by reading through a devotional. We started with one we didn’t particularly like, so now we are reading through ‘Chosen to be a Miracle’ on You Version.
  2. Go on our annual End of Year Date with JBC.
  3. Complete the current photo album I’ve been working on.
  4. Finish reading the last two books on my 2021 Reading Listfriends, I’m so close!
  5. Order and mail Christmas cards to family and friends.
  6. Brainstorm a rough timeline of 2022 home projects.
  7. Celebrate five years of Blissful Moments!

Here’s to a restful, peaceful, and joyous month of December!

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