2nd Annual Ornament Swap

It’s that time, my annual ornament swap is here (if you sang that in your head to the theme song of Christmas Vacation, bonus points for you)! I’m thrilled to host another holiday snail-mail swap – I had such a blast last year, and if you participated, I hope you did too. If you didn’t, there is still time to join in on the fun this year!

Here’s how the swap will work:

  1. By Sunday, December 5th: Complete the Ornament Swap Sign Up form with your basic contact information for swapping purposes.
  2. By Monday, December 6th: I will email the names and addresses of up to four people who will be your swapping partners.
  3. By Monday, December 13th: Drop your ornaments in the mail. Of course, the sooner you mail them, the sooner your partners will receive a little holiday magic in their mailbox!

Your ornaments can be store-bought or homemade! During the years I’m feeling slightly more creative, I enjoy hand-making ornaments to contribute, but honestly, this time of year can be busy enough, so do whatever brings you the most joy. I do provide a place on the form to leave your Instagram handle, if you’d like your elves/swap partners to do a little snooping!

Finally, pretty please do not sign up if you do not plan to participate. Nothing is sadder than sending out ornaments and not getting any in return.

I had the best time hosting this swap last year and am thrilled to make this an annual holiday event. Please feel free to invite any holiday-loving family or friends to join us this year as well! Be sure to tag me when you start sending and receiving ornaments. I hope this will bring a little Christmas cheer to your mailbox and trees! Happy Swapping!

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