June Goals

It is officially my favorite month of the year! Between the beginning of summer, my birthday, our anniversary, and our annual vacation week, I’m not sure much else can top this month. June is filled with so much celebration amid beautifully bright and warm days – all of which are things that fire me up! It is like this month serves as my personal hype girl. 🙂

On the goals front, I’m trying to keep things light and realistic, as I am wrapping up an insanely busy work schedule, as well as JBC and I taking a vacation, while still chipping away at some of my big picture goals. One goal that I’m particularly excited about is curating a list of ways to celebrate the summer season – we created a “Summer Bucket List” in the past, and have enjoyed how it has encouraged us to not spend the entire season on the couch, but I’m eager to see what ideas we come up with in the spirit of celebration. I’d love to hear any ideas you have too!

May Goals:

  1. Finish watching season 1 of “The Chosen”
  2. Unplug with JBC on our camping weekend in Gettysburg
  3. Book our anniversary trip
  4. Try four new spring-inspired recipes
  5. Add 10 patches to my patch blanket
  6. Commit one hour a week to being still outdoors
  7. Send an encouraging note to a loved one
  8. Complete unfinished home projects – master bedroom and pantry refresh
  9. Set aside one hour a week to pursue blog growth

June Goals:

  1. Complete two devotional reading plans.
  2. Celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.
  3. Develop and transition into my summer morning routine
  4. Curate a list of ways to celebrate the summer season.
  5. Add the final 6(!!) patches and work on journaling wedding memories in honor of our anniversary.
  6. Create a summer sunshine surprise.
  7. Wrap up current house projects.
  8. Write and schedule June blog posts in advance.

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