Valentine’s Day Delights

As much as a holiday rooted in all things pink and lovely makes me giddy, I’ve struggled to write a Valentine’s Day post this year. Date nights at home seem a little overdone at this point and we don’t have any extravagant plans for celebrating. After feeling a bit down reflecting on our lack of plans (and our inability to book a reservation at our original restaurant of choice), Jody lovingly suggested we don’t celebrate this year. While it is an appealing idea to not add more to our plate during a particularly busy work week, it just seemed wrong to me. After all, one of my favorite things to do is to celebrate all the days, in any way that I can.

There are so many little things that I love about this holiday – the explosion of flowers, the sweet treats, recalled love stories, and of course, the addition of pink everywhere. Admittedly, I’ve spent a bit too long scrolling through store websites (thanks, Target Pick-Up!) in the past week trying to find what Valentine’s Day items are still in stock. As I looked, I thought to myself, “Just a few pink things will do”. A little pink sprinkled throughout in the midst of winter is the pick-me-up I think we could all use, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of the items I stumbled upon. No matter your Valentine’s Day celebration plans, these items may add a bit of light to your festivities.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without pasta and wine, but considering the holiday falls on a long weekend this year, we have reason to celebrate all weekend long. The Rose Lemonade is the most darling little bottle and would be the perfect addition to a living room floor picnic or morning brunch. Speaking of, how sweet are the mugs and teaspoons?! I’ve honestly been eyeing these teaspoons for a month, but just haven’t bit the bullet on them yet. Of course, baking cookies is always enjoyable, but festive cutters could also be used as molds for pancakes! If you aren’t interested in baking, be sure to pick up these fun macarons or truffles. I can vouch for the macarons – they come in Raspberry or Vanilla, but the raspberry is my favorite!

If you are celebrating at home this year, consider adding a bit of pink to your decor – balloons, candles, flowers and garland are all fun choices! I didn’t purchase this garland (but it is under $10!); instead I made a heart garland out of glittery card stock to drape across our bar cart. And don’t forget something cozy – I have slippers similar to these and they are a part of my Valentine-From-Home aesthetic.

What are your staples for celebrating this weekend? Wish you all a Valentine’s Day of love, sparkly, and pink!

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