February Goals

Happy February! It is the month of love, and apparently snow around these parts. After almost two years of no snow, we have waken up to a wintry wonderland three separate times in the past ten days! Admittedly, I’m thrilled with the snow this year and the ambiance of cozy nights at home. There are few things better than sitting by the fire, sipping a hot drink, and relaxing. Several of my goals are rooted in self-care and relaxation, which I’ve learned is key for me, especially in these winter month. Hopefully, I’ll take advantage of my time in the house and make great progress on my goals this month!

January Goals:

  1. Brainstorm ways to add simple ways to make my faith more of a priority.
  2. Discuss our 2021 Goals as a couple and decide how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  3. Look into avenues to support my mental health.
  4. Add two patches to my patch blanket.
  5. Create my reading list for the year.
  6. Visit with friends on a weekend getaway to Charlottesville
  7. Make an inspiration board for our first project of the year
  8. Post my 2021 Goals prior to January 31 🙂

February Goals:

  1. Decide how to observe Lent (if you are observing Lent this year, I’d love to hear how you plan to do it!)
  2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with JBC
  3. Complete a health-focused activity once a week
  4. Add six patches to my patch blanket
  5. Bake a sweet treat!
  6. Choose a new bedroom set
  7. Plan Quarter 1 blog content

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