June Goals

I’ll admit, watching the calendar flip to June sparked a bunch of different feelings for me. Our June is usually full of exciting events, celebrations, and vacations. It has always been a go-go-go type of month, one that’s equally exhausting and exhilarating but one that truly fills my soul. So when I looked at our largely blank month ahead, I was dishearted.

Even so, there are joyful things ahead this month that I am trying to keep my focus on. My 27th birthday is this week, Jody and I will be celebrating our 3rd Wedding anniversary later this month, summer officially begins, and our state has begun reopening. We are hopeful of being able to see our friends and family and enjoy outdoor activities – things we will never take for granted again!! As I look toward my goals for this month, my overarching goal is to savor the days of summer and to make the most of my time during my favorite month of the year!


May Goals

  • Buy and start ‘100 Days to Brave’ devotional
  • Find joy in the everyday through creative at-home celebrations
  • Participate in the Tone It Up Summer Series
  • Take more pictures
  • Complete journalling and order Italy scrapbook
  • Create a cleaning schedule and spring clean our home
  • Purchase patio furniture and create a savings plan with Jody

June Goals

  • Continue to work my way through ‘100 Days to Brave’ devotional and journal through joyful scripture in my Write the Word journal.
  • Plan and celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!
  • Establish a new morning schedule for summer and create a summer bucket list of summer activities
  • Complete Italy Scrapbook (so close!) and journal in our wedding memories book in honor of our anniversary
  • Donate junk that has accumulated in the garage
  • Read two articles about running a blog
  • Budget and book summer trip

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