April Goals

“Well, that month didn’t go like I was expecting to!” might be the understatement of the year. Trips were canceled, plans were canceled, schools were canceled — it seems like just about everything was canceled! In such an unusual month, it might seem crazy to continue to set and work towards goals when we are unsure of what each day will bring, but for me, it is the exact opposite. Continuing to work towards these goals gives me a purpose and somewhat of a schedule for my day. 

Looking to the month ahead, I decided to consider where I want to be and what I want to accomplish by the end of April, many of which include projects that I’m more likely to complete now that I can’t fill my schedule with lots of outings and getaways. I hope to take advantage of my time at home and check some things off our home “to-do” list that we’ve been putting off for quite some time, as well as find other ways to celebrate each day in our new normal. 


March Goals

  • Observe Lent by reading His Love Endures study from She Reads Truth and participate in Social Media Free evenings
  • Celebrate JBC’s 29th birthday!
  • Book our summer vacation/ delayed anniversary trip
  • Complete one Tone It Up workout out once a week
  • Finish designing and journaling our Italy trip album I promise this isn’t another Honeymoon album — it is almost done! 
  • Complete quick office + craft room update and brainstorm outdoor patio plans I am counting my office update as a completed goal as I just need a few finishing touches before I share! 
  • Learn about blog photography by reading how to articles and continue to blog at least once a week
  • File our 2019 taxes 

April Goals

  • Find creative ways to observe Holy Week and celebrate Easter from home
  • Work with JBC to check items off our Quarantine Bucket List
  • Learn about gardening, specifically how to build and curate a raised garden bed
  • Finish and order the Italy trip scrapbook
  • Complete outdoor patio project and schedule a time to spring clean
  • Create a Media Kit for the blog
  • Support local businesses in this uncertain time

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