Quarantine Q + A

When Jody and I travel, especially during road trips, we almost always ask each other questions to help pass the time. I struggle to stay still and am notorious for easily becoming bored, so you can imagine my current state of going stir-crazy amid this quarantine. In the spirit of helping to pass the time during our social distancing throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, and to virtually support each other, I thought I’d play my own game of questions with y’all! I’ve listed my questions and answers, but I would love for you to leave your answers below in the comments.

Just think of how interesting this will be to read once this is all over! 🙂 Happy answering, friends!

Enjoying carryout sandwiches from one of our favorite local restaurants!

1. Where are your spending your quarantine?

I’m spending most of my time at home, with occasional trips to my parents’ house, which is only ten minutes down the road. We spend a ton of time together in a normal week, so it has been odd not to be there as much. We are grateful we can, though, for the change of scenery!

2. How are things related to COVID-19 where you are?

In Maryland, our Governor has not officially declared a “Stay-at-home” order, however, most businesses are closed. Some restaurants are open for curbside and carryout orders, and essential stores like the pharmacy, grocery, and gas stations are open, but that is pretty much it. Schools are closed until late-April, at this point. 

3. How are you feeling about the current state of the world?

Honestly, it is just insane. I still remember thinking just a few weeks ago “Oh, this is just another H1N1 virus,” and still planning my trip to Charleston, but it is absolutely mindblowing how widespread this thing is. I feel a little anxiety regarding planning for the future, such as vacation or weekend getaways, but I’m treating this as a lesson to stay more in the present and focus on things I can control, this not being one of them. 

4. How are you handling everything? Work? The news? Stress? Anxiety? Being at home 24/7?

I think its 100% comes down to finding your balance. The news, for example, is especially important right now to stay informed of the current state of the virus, new policies and the everchanging public schedule. However, I’ve noticed that if I spend too much time watching the news, I begin to feel overwhelmed by it all. Instead, I will watch bits of the Today Show in the morning, tune in for the Governor’s new conference, if there is one, and that’s about it. 

Work can be incredibly frustrating right now, especially since the majority of my job requires me to be working with students, but I consider myself lucky to still have a job. This would be a completely different experience for me if I did not. I try to maintain a schedule each day, getting up to stretch my legs every hour, and alternate between wearing my contacts and my glasses to give my eyes a break from the computer screen. 

The hardest part for me has been being home all of the time. If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know how much I like to be on the go! This quarantine is forcing me to slow down and rest, which I’m actually a little grateful for.

As unfortunate as this situation is, this virus is impacting everyone, some more than others, but no one is immune to its impact. Overall, I think the most important way of handling it is by finding the positives and giving yourself grace. It is hard. It is frustrating. But, as in all things, good will come out of it. So many of us are finding time to spend outside or with our families. We have time to enjoy the flowers blooming. And when it feels like too much, I cling to my faith and am reminded that we are not and have never been in total control. God’s got this. 

5. We have a lot of extra time for cooking and baking in the kitchen. What are you making?

I’ve made dinner just about every night since we’ve been stuck at home! Some of my favorites have been Chicken Caprese Zoodles and Turkey Tacos. I’m planning to test out a few recipes from my Magnolia cookbook in the next week and will be making either a birthday cake or birthday pie for Jody this weekend!  

6. What is one thing you hope to accomplish while stuck at home?

So many things! The top of my list, however, is to complete several home projects I have my eye on — Home Office update, pantry refresh, and our back patio to name a few! 

7. Let’s talk social distancing recommendations. How are you spending your time?

I’ve made a complete “Quarantine Bucket List” of ideas of things to do (p.s. If you are interested in hearing some of my ideas, let me know, I’d be happy to share!), which ironically has taken up a good chunk of time. I’ve been going on long walks outside almost daily, completed a few online workout videos, and worked on scrapbooking our trip to Italy. In the evenings, we make dinner and then Jody and I typically watch a movie or tv show together. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’m so grateful that I have JBC to spend my quarantine with! 

8. What is one bright and happy thing that has happened this week?

Jody and I had waffles for dinner the other night, complete with adult “juice”, and then played a cooking video game together that he downloaded. It was honestly one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while. Goes to show you that simple is often best! 

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