How We are Celebrating Easter at Home

This year’s Easter is sure to be different from others. I will miss picking out the perfect pastel Easter dress, the overwhelming scent of the lilies lining the altar at church, and celebrating, surrounded by family, with a plate full of too much ham, potatoes, and sugary goodness. Between missing these joyful things and the heaviness surrounding our new normal, it seems easier to add Easter to the list of events canceled this year. But in the spirit of my main vision behind running this blog, and the fact that, still, I truly believe that all moments are meant to be celebrated, there was no way this girl was canceling one of the most joy and hope-filled days of the entire year. And with that, welcome to Easter 2020, y’all!


Below I’ve broken down the ways Jody and I will be observing the end of Holy Week and celebrating Easter Sunday, without adding stress or too much planning to this already crazy time. Admittedly, I wish I had thought of some of this sooner because I really would love to go all out with decorations and activity ideas, but I’m reminding myself that in this season, less is more.


Easter Decor

I just put my Easter decor out last week, so our home already seems a bit brighter and ready to celebrate! It is amazing what a few pastel eggs can do. I didn’t have much from our old apartment, but my bunny bowl that I’ve been keeping full of jelly beans has been a happy necessity this past week. I also picked up this egg wreath from Michaels before quarantining and ordered this, this, and this garland last week.

As for our table, I filled my current tray centerpiece with wine corks (those stay year-round) and eggs I picked up a few years ago and placed our marble egg as the centerpiece. I picked up some new woven chargers and melamine plates (which will probably be added to our outdoor plates collection) from Target a few weeks ago, and added cloth napkins leftover from my bridal shower as a finishing touch. It’s not my dream Easter tablescape by any means, but I do love the simplicity of it as soon as I walk in the door.


Maundy Thursday

Traditionally, in the Christian church, Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday is when Jesus shared the last supper with his disciples. In an ordinary season, we would be at church, but I thought it would be fun this year to take part in creating our own “Last Supper”. Taking cues from traditional Passover dinner and a bit of history, I’ve created a simple menu that Jody and I will share including bread, wine, oils, honey, grapes, and a simple bean soup. If I’m feeling extra creative, I might make some cinnamon fig muffins for dessert!


Good Friday

This day is such a heavy day, and honestly, we don’t need to try too hard to feel similar levels of despair that Jesus’ followers may have felt. For Good Friday, we are keeping it simple, and watching Passion of the Christ, not only to remind ourselves of the brutality of this event, but also as a reminder of the hope of what’s to come.


Easter Sunday

I’m anxiously awaiting the joy that is to come on Easter morning! Depending on the weather, Jody and I might get up for a coffee and sunrise “service” on our front porch before watching a church service online. We are planning to make a special treat for breakfast but are still undecided on what we want — our options include biscuits and jam, monkey bread or Hot Cross Buns. Basically, carbs on carbs. 🙂

For our Easter dinner, we ordered a small Easter dinner to go from a local restaurant. which includes ham, scalloped potatoes, kale, and carrots, and I’m planning to also make a salad and macaroni and cheese. Is it a lot for two people? Absolutely. But its a holiday so why not! We are going to eat on our wedding china – something we would not be able to do if it was more than just the two of us since we only have two sets and hopefully be able to enjoy some time outside, full of hope of what is to come.

I saw an interesting quote that I want to leave you with, hoping that you’ll ponder it too. It said “A lot can happen in seven days,” referencing Christ’s resurrection. But, it’s not too different from many thoughts and commentary we’ve heard on the news. A lot can happen in seven days. It can go from normal, to completely devastating, to better than ever imagined. Sunday is coming, friends.

I’m wishing you and yours a joyful and safe Easter. Tell me — what are some of the ways that you’re celebrating Easter this year? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How We are Celebrating Easter at Home

  1. We are used to combining families for a big dinner around one table. We are hoping to be able to celebrate this year “together” again but this year it will be virtually. Maybe at least for dessert and a quick game–our family loves to play games.


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