March Goals

Happy March y’all! It feels a little funny to be writing that because it seems like February lasted all of two seconds and spring absolutely does not feel like it is on the way. In fact, we welcomed the first day of March with a little snow here in Maryland. So much for an early spring!

I’m staying optimistic, though, that the spring will show its face soon. We didn’t have a harsh winter in terms of snow, but it has been bitterly cold. And this warm-weather loving gal is more than ready to spend the day in the sunshine!

Our February wasn’t super exciting. In fact, it was filled with work events, a work trip, and quick birthday visits with my father-in-law and sister. These visits are always fun, but brief. And that was pretty much February. So I’m pretty pleased with my goal progress even though I was barely home!

Needless to say, I am excited to see how March rolls out for us! We don’t have many plans at this point, something that we are learning to appreciate, knowing how busy the spring will be for us. Now, if we could just have a day with temperatures in the 50’s and lots of sunshine… 🙂


February Goals:

  1. Complete goal setting devotional and actively pray more regularly.
  2. Celebrate our relationship with a Valentine’s date night.
  3. Finish reading “Uninvited” and start “5 Love Languages” (appropriate for Valentine’s Day, I might add!).
  4. Spend five minutes a day picking up any clutter around the house or clean anything that needs it.
  5. Continue utilizing a spending tracker and create a plan to save for the next expense.
  6. Complete two Tone It Up workouts a week or complete two cardio workouts.
  7. Set a date to complete our honeymoon album by and actively work towards it.

March Goals:

  1. Decide how I am going to observe Lent and set reminders to force me to follow through.
  2. Celebrate Jody’s 28th birthday!!
  3. Finish reading Uninvited and start “5 Love Languages” (carried over from last month) and create my 2019 Reading List.
  4. Ruthlessly declutter our home office. (Yikes!)
  5. Create a plan to save for the next expense and file our 2018 taxes.
  6. Find ways to move my body every day — walking, going to the gym, or Tone It Up workouts at home!
  7. Finish our honeymoon album and start project #2.


What are some of your goals this month?

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