Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y’all! This week has been pretty great, despite being so tired. I stayed up later than usual to watch the two-night finale of The Bachelor (did you watch? I want to know what you think!) and just haven’t been able to catch up on sleep since the time changed. Someone needs to tell Chris Harrison to never air the finale the same week we lose an hour of sleep. Sheesh. BUT I’ve been so much more energized now that the sun is up until almost 7pm! Plus, spring made a sneak peek appearance, and I am loving it. In fact, I’m writing this with the door open to own screened-in porch. This is the life.

Sadly, the warmth is not here to stay. There is another cold front on the way as we speak, which is disappointing. Although, the bright side of that is we have another week that is perfect for chili and beer bread. Yum!

Speaking of all things that I love, I realized I haven’t shared some of my favorites recently! Below are some of the things I’ve been loving over the past few weeks.

Image from

Favorite Snack: Ever since I took my first bite of this Honey Habanero Hummus, I’ve been hooked. I bought some little naan bites to dip in too. It has been the perfect afternoon snack, or I even had it as a light lunch last weekend. Definitely adding this to my cart more often!


Favorite Surprise: When I came home yesterday afternoon, Jody surprised me with this beautiful flower arrangement! While commenting on how all of the green is perfect for St. Patricks Day, he said: “Yeah but it has a basket.” I’m more than grateful for him and all of the little things he does for me but I think that comment was the best!

download (1).jpeg
Image from Crate&Barrel

Favorite Product: I know I’m kind of late to the French Press party here, but y’all, I finally got a french press! My sister gave me one for Christmas (one of my many coffee-themed gifts!), but unfortunately, it was broken. Long story short, I was finally able to replace it with this one! As cute as the single serving sized one was, this one is great for single use or if I’m making multiple cups. Friends who come and visit, you’re welcome. You aren’t subjected to single K-Cup coffee anymore!


Favorite Giggle: I forgot where I originally saw this post, but it made me giggle. Partially because it caught me off guard while I was half-heartedly scrolling online and partially because it’s so dang true! I literally have 17 tabs open right now, and that’s not unusual. At least, right now, I know where the music is coming from!

Image from Target

Favorite Game: Speaking of giggling, you will get your fair share while playing this game! My family is big on the board games, so for Christmas, my mom gifted all of us a new game. She bought this Utter Nonsense game for Jody, and y’all, it can leave you straight up belly laughing! Players are handed a number of cards with various phrases and have to read one of them in whatever accent the judge turns over on the accent cards. It ranges from Italian accents to penguin accents (I’m still not sure what a penguin accent is?!). It is so much fun!

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