Channel the Flannel Party Recap

Earlier this fall, Jody and I were talking about how we hadn’t hosted our friends in our apartment recently. We’ve had so much fun in the past at our Cozy Housewarming and Cinco de Mayo parties and decided it was time to host our friends again before the end of the year. Knowing that the end of the year typically brings busy schedules and other commitments, we decided to invite our friends in early November for another fall gathering. We started brainstorming ideas and came across the hilarious Lumberjack Bash party theme that encourages all fall and flannel vibes. Between my love of puns and our mutual love for flannels in the fall, we were immediately sold.

We had a blast at our Channel the Flannel party. We kept things relatively simple so we could enjoy time with our guests, but the menu did not disappoint. Everyone was well-fed, and it was an easy party theme to throw together. Plus, parties with a dress code are always fun!


The menu for the party was heavily lumberjack inspired. Typically when we host friends in our home, we opt for finger foods and buffet styled meals to encourage mingling and keep things casual and welcoming. We set out Chex Mix, a chacuterie and cheese board, and sliced apples and cinnamon peanut butter dip for guests as they arrived. After our spiked apple cider cocktails were poured, we brought out Bacon Bowtie, Mac and Cheese Bites and mini pigs in a blanket. Our main dish was mini chili bowls, complete with beer bread muffins and toppings. For dessert, we served Maple Spritz Cookies and made s’mores!


I wanted to keep the decor simple for this party. I started by purchasing two yards of flannel to use as a table runner. I kept my flower box centerpiece as the main focal point, but added a few mini pumpkins and faux leaves that I already had. Jody had bought me a flower bouquet the week prior, so I left the flowers that were still thriving on our bar cart. Any other decor pieces were part of our regular fall decor!


I can’t throw a party without favors, so as a “thanks for coming!” gift for our guests, I tied a piece of flannel (from the table runner!) to individual pies, and included a fork to go. Guests could enjoy them during the party or take hem in a to go bag home. The hardest part about these favors was cutting the flannel!


We had a blast at our Channel the Flannel party, and appreciated how much we were able to enjoy our guests due to our commitment to keeping things simple. If you are looking for a party theme that is low maintenance and celebrates all things lumberjack and the cooler weather, this is a great option for you!

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