July Goals

I can’t believe it is July! With school ending and us leaving on our 10-day vacation to Italy both within days of each other, it seems like summer just started this week. But yet, here we are already after the 4th of July. With summertime being my absolute favorite time of year, I feel a little short on time to fit in all of the good things summer provides in the next weeks, especially before Jody and I jet off again in August.

Don’t get me wrong, our trips are definitely the highlights of our summer. But since we have planned excursions that keep us on the go for the majority of our vacation, we are in some need of a little rest & relaxation for the times that we are home. Plus, who wants to settle down for bed in the evenings when the sun is still up? 🙂

June Goals

  • Continue working through Tone It Up’s Bikini Series until we leave for vacation (I mostly did… an injury kept me from completing the final week!)
  • Grow and tend a mini herb garden on our deck
  • Celebrate my 25th birthday on Sunday!
  • Look for a daily devotional to start when I begin my summer work in July 
  • Celebrate our first wedding anniversary in Italy (!!!) and reminisce about the best day of our lives

July Goals

  • Create a budget and itinerary for our second trip this summer
  • Complete this devotion prior to beginning my work each day
  • Grow and tend a mini herb garden on our deck
  • Save the time with friends and family while in Richmond for a weekend
  • Create a list of fun summer activities with Jody to make the most of these long summer days
  • Blog our trip to Italy and begin brainstorming for posts while we are gone again in early August
  • Decide on and purchase summer pillows and decor for the deck with the hopes that we will have some cool evenings this month to enjoy it!

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