Italy Packing List

I can hardly believe that our trip to Italy is just three days away! For those of you who haven’t been following for long, Jody and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in Italy — a place we both have wanted to visit for such a long time. We had considered going for our honeymoon, but ultimately decided to go somewhere a little closer and laid back to relax after the wedding. Back in February, after some thought and conversation, I surprised Jody by booking us a trip of a lifetime to Rome, Florence and Venice!

You’ll hear more about our trip in the coming weeks, but today I wanted to share my inspiration to my packing list, including some wish list items I have! Italians are known for their style, so I welcomed the opportunity to find a few new, stylish outfits for our trip. As I mentioned, we are traveling all over the country, with a lot of walking guaranteed to be involved, so I did need to take that into consideration. Late June is also expected to be hot and humid, not unlike the Mid-Atlantic this time of year, so I’m aiming to pack light and breathable clothing to stay comfortable all day long! Here is some of my inspiration:

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.09.08 PM.png

Clockwise from top left: Tony Burch Dress || Lace Off the Shoulder Top || Ciao Bella Espadrille Flat || Kate Spade Sunglasses || Roxy Bayshore Sneaker || Floral V-Neck Dress || Michael Kors Backpack || Jack Roger Sandals || Pink Scarf || Panama Hat || Polyvore Pink Top || Seersucker Scalloped Shorts

I didn’t stray too far out of my comfort zone color-wise, but pastels are pretty no matter the season 🙂 Plus, the color won’t attract the sun as much as darker colors may. I plan to pack a mix of types of clothes that can also be mixed to match other items as well to save some room in our suitcases. I’m actually struggling to narrow down the number of shoes that I’m taking because I want to wear my sandals, but also want to stay comfortable during the long days of explore this streets of Rome. I think I’ve narrowed it down to three pair, similar to what I’ve listed above, but I am known to throw in an extra pair of shoes right before leaving! As for accessories, I have a very simplistic but functional style. I’m packing a scarf to cover my shoulders at the religious sites that we will be visiting, but will also serve as a cover for any chiller restaurants that we may run into to. I also got the cutest straw hat as a birthday gift that I can’t wait to use to keep the sun off of my face all day (it also rolls up for easy storage!). Lastly, I’m hoping to find a backpack that’s light and small to hold our passports and camera instead of our larger carry-on bag.

I’m still in the process of packing, so I’d love to hear any international packing tips that you may have. Or if you’ve been to Rome, Florence or Venice, leave me a comment below and tell me any of the places we must see while we are there!

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