March Goals

As one month ends and another begins, I’m usually shocked that the past month flew by so fast. For several reasons this month though, I’m just giddy that March is here! Between being out of town for most weekends in February and hopes of warmer temperatures with spring’s arrival just around the corner, I’m happy to have a few weekends at home to welcome the start of spring.

Even though the month was short, we crammed in just about as much as we could in just 28 days, leaving us partially tired but our hearts full. The month started off with a whirlwind trip to New York City to visit my sister after we had to reschedule our trip due to me being sick when we had originally planned to go in January.  With just 24 hours in the city, we showed Jody some of NYC’s best-known landmarks while trying to stay warm in 20-degree temperatures. We celebrated Valentines Day with a visit to a local winery and brewery the weekend prior and then dinner at Harry’s (where we held our rehearsal dinner!) on Valentines Day. Just two days later we took a secret trip to Virginia to throw a surprise party for my Father-in-law’s 70th birthday. It was so much fun to bring the whole family to town to celebrate! Plus, we got to catch up with a lot of friends while we were down. I had a work trip at the end of the month, but it allowed me to stop and see one of my favorite couples as I passed through their town. All in all, it was a busy month but so much of it was so good for the soul. I can hardly wait to see what March will bring.

February Goals

  • Start my prayer journal and find a Lenten devotional study to follow If you’re curious, I’m following this reading plan from She Reads Truth
  • Finish “A Magnolia Story” and start a new book off of my reading list
  • Try one new recipe a week (Similar to what I did last summer, which you can read about here!) More on this soon!
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with my husband
  • Go through my closet one more time and be honest about what I’m not wearing
  • Celebrate someone’s special birthday with joy and gratitude
  • Purchase the laptop and new planner 
  • Book our anniversary trip

March Goals

  • Continue to set aside time for my prayer journal and Lenten devotional to joyfully prepare for Easter
  • Celebrate Jody’s 27th birthday
  • Decide which scrapbook project to start and set aside time to work on it
  • Complete this Ab Challenge from Lauren Conrad and walk whenever the weather allows
  • Clean out our office and make it functional for both of us to use
  • Find a way to ensure I’m capturing memories throughout this month through taking more pictures

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