MEP to MEC: Bridesmaids Gifts

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Jody and I have been married for 100 days, as of yesterday, and that has put me in a wedding sharing mood. For this week’s edition of Wedding Wednesday, I’m going to share what I gave my best gals for their pre-wedding bridesmaid gift, with the hope that it will serve as inspiration for your big day!

I started thinking about bridesmaid gifts around the same time I was gathering items to give my girls when originally asking them to be in the wedding (you can see what I did here). I wanted their gifts to be filled with things they would appreciate having during the weekend of the wedding, as well as being useful in their daily lives. I love using the various things that I received as gifts from being a bridesmaid — I think back to their happy day each time I use it!  Most importantly, however, I wanted the gifts to be heartfelt and meaningful. Holding the title of “bridesmaid” can be a lot at times: money, coordinating weekends for various celebrations, time off work, travel, etc. With that being said, I am so very grateful that each of my bridesmaids made room in their equally busy lives to celebrate our happily ever after.

Some of my favorite pictures from weddings are of the bride and her friends getting ready.  However, when they have coordinating outfits? Be still my heart!  I knew from the very start of my wedding process that I was going to get my bridesmaids their own robes to get ready in. In June, you never quite know how the weather will be, so, I was lucky to find some extremely light and breathable robes. After spending many hours searching every corner of Etsy, I order these beautiful robes. I was so impressed with the robes when they arrived that I rushed ordered one for myself!


Monograms were also a given for these gifts. After seeing the idea in a magazine, I knew I wanted ribbons to be tied around all of our bouquets, so I decided to monogram the ribbons as a surprise for them to carry on my wedding day, and then keep after! I didn’t have these wrapped with their gifts because I had the florist tie them on, so it was a fun surprise when our bouquets arrived!

Jewelry has always been something that I’ve never been great at styling so I always appreciate it when the bride gives her bridesmaids something beautiful to wear. I found this adorable set and just knew that my girls would look stunning wearing sparkling gold bracelets with matching drop earrings. The shop I bought them from also personalizes the cards that come in the box with your wedding colors and bridesmaids names! How cute!


While shopping for a few pieces for our honeymoon, I came across these peony candles. As I’ve mentioned before, my biggest request with our flowers was to have as many peonies as we could, because that is the scent I wanted to remind me of my wedding day. So when I realized T.J.Maxx had exactly five peony candles left, I just knew I had to get them. I hope when my girls burn them now, they remember how grateful I am for their friendship!

Lastly, I added a little something sweet to the bags. When I think of getting ready and celebrating with my best friends, I think of champagne to toast the occasion! Enter champagne gummy bears. I couldn’t resist buying a set of these adorable cubes, and even an extra box for myself! My bridesmaids loved snacking on them throughout the morning as we were getting ready.


I also included a handwritten card for each of my bridesmaids. I knew the day of the wedding would be crazy, so I wanted to be sure I adequately expressed how extremely grateful I am for each of them in my life. They truly are the best gals!

That’s it! I wanted to spoil my friends, just as they had spoiled me over the previous months, but yet keep the gifts practical and thoughtful. I had so much fun finding these items and gifting them to my bridesmaids. I hope this helps all of you brides if you are needing some inspiration, and if not, I hope you enjoyed a taste of the morning of my wedding. Don’t worry, there is plenty more to come. 🙂

Robes: silkandmore // Monogram Ribbons: GoldandGlamour // Earrings and Bracelet Set: AllureWeddingJewelry // Candles: T.J.Maxx // Champagne Gummy Bears: Nordstrom //

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