October Goals

October always seems to be about the time of year where I pause and think “Where did this year go?!”. It’s the point in college where I would start listening to Christmas music, where I would throw my bathing suit into the back of the closet and pull out every hearty meal that I could ever desire, and really start planning the following year, with three months left of the current year. However this month, I’m going to fully invest myself into whatever this season may bring. Even though I am still embarrassingly excited for the holidays (I started my Christmas shopping list this morning!), I am thrilled to really soak in everything this month has to offer.

Image from Looking Joli Good

This month, I’ll be focusing a lot on making my life more cozy.  For those of you who don’t know, Jody and I haven’t been able to spend as much time together as we would have like in the past few months. He was working two jobs, plus graduate school and an internship, while I was working the late shift at my job. Our schedules never seemed to match up, which was definitely hard on us as a newlywed couple. However, Jody made a change to his work schedule and I recently accepted a new job that I will be starting next week, so we will be able to spend more time together than we have in the past few months — definitely an answered prayer! Admittedly, we still have not hung many picture in our apartment yet, and after building our new TV stand this past weekend, I am inspired to make the rest of our house look like a home. Between home decorating and tackling our fall fun list together, I’m hoping for a month of memories, with picture proof, of how we are embracing cool temperatures, new schedules and our newlywed home as this month continues!

September Goals

  • Finish our porch project I’m crossing this off because the furniture is built, now we just have a few more odds and ends to collect!
  • Complete two craft projects
  • Send someone happy mail
  • Be present in out-of-town adventures this month
  • Get into a better, more consistent workout routine
  • Begin the search for a new church
  • Begin Marriage Devotional CD series

October Goals

  • Be more consistent with Writing the Word
  • Find something new to take a picture of every day
  • Complete this 30 day marriage challenge
  • Explore a near to us place that we’ve never been
  • Participate in two workout classes
  • Settle into my new job gracefully
  • Get outside more (before it is too cold!)
  • Hang pictures in our home

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