September Goals


I typically start off every weekday morning watching Today on NBC. This morning all they were talking about in the 8 o’clock hour was how to throw an end of summer bash over this long weekend. While the lobster rolls and sweet sangria looked delicious, I refuse to believe summer has come to an end. As my darling husband knows, Fall doesn’t start in our house until Summer officially ends on September 2


I hope September is filled with a few last warm days, new memories, new opportunities and fun. It has been the best summer and I’m hoping we can extend it just a bit. And if not, there is always pumpkin season right around the corner. 🙂

  • Finish our porch project
  • Try a new recipe once a week
  • Enjoy a trip back to Richmond to visit with family and friends
  • Read a new book
  • Complete two craft projects
  • Find a new-to-us local attraction and go visit it!  If anyone is looking for something to do near Annapolis, go check out City Dock area. Food, Drinks and street music make for a memorable night!
  • Work out our new budget 

September Goals

  • Finish our porch project (counting on some Labor Day Sales to push us in the right direction)
  • Complete two craft projects
  • Send someone happy mail
  • Be present in out-of-town adventures this month
  • Get into a better, more consistent workout routine
  • Begin the search for a new church
  • Begin Marriage Devotional CD series

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