A Few Richmond Favorites

It’s no secret that Richmond, Virginia holds a special place in my heart. I went to college twenty minutes north of the city, spent my first year and a half post-grad as a Richmond resident and created so many cherished memories within city limits. Now that our visits back are limited to short weekends, we’ve become near experts on making the most of our time in the city. Today, I thought I would share some of our must-see sites for any of you who may find yourself in RVA!

I’m convinced Richmond is home to the best brunch. There are a variety of restaurants open for all different kinds of brunch (read: Breakfast Tacos at En Su Boca), but far enough south to find the best southern biscuits. We often are loyal patrons at Baker’s Crust and Kitchen 64, but decided to give brunch at 3 Monkeys a try while we were visiting last weekend. They have a full menu from omelets to breakfast pizza to chicken and waffles and skillets, plus a drink menu not limited to only Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. I had their Champagne Punch and it may have been the best drink I’ve ever had before 11 am, other than coffee ;).

After we do brunch, we typically head straight to Carytown before it gets too hot to walk around. Carytown is a unique shopping neighborhood located in the heart of downtown Richmond and we just cannot get enough of it. There are over 100 shops and restaurants in a matter of blocks to chose from at any time of day. We enjoy just walking up and down Cary Street, popping into a store here and there and enjoy taking in all of the sights, when we aren’t there to shop for something specific.

Morgan cary town 2-1

RVA is also home to more than 20 craft breweries, all of which have a unique concept and which don’t limit you to just having a tasting, but rather making an afternoon of relaxing with what each brewery has to offer. Some have board games, some have cornhole and some just have an outdoor space with amazing views, like Legend Brewing Company. There is a large indoor area to eat and drink year-round, but I typically enjoy kicking back on their outdoor patio that overlooks the city’s skyline from across the river. It is just far enough from downtown that life seems a bit slower, but still so close to still have an urban feel. Granted, I am a bit bias because Richmond’s skyline is one of my favorite views in the world.

While there are plenty of bars and clubs to go to once the sun sets, by far my favorite after-dark activity is going to Shyndigz. Cake, cobbler, and cocktails all in one super chic place — sign me up! They’re open Wednesday -Saturday night, with and daily and rotating menu. My favorite dessert on the menu is their fresh fruit cake — vanilla cake iced with cream cheese icing and layered with fresh blackberries, strawberries, pineapple & blackberries. Yum!


There are so many other activities that we also enjoy in RVA, so we do our best to rotate through them on each visit. We definitely miss living in the city and are anxious to find out if we will move back, but for now, we know we always have plenty to do when we are in town. If you’ve been in Richmond, what are your favorite spots or where are interested in going if you’re thinking of visiting? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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