Creating Our Registry

For the most part, Jody and I had figured out what we wanted the general feel of our future home to be (If you missed that post, you can see it here). Soon there after, we began to create our registry! We actually did right before the holidays, because we knew we were adding some items that we hoped to use at our wedding, but it has been a forever work in progress since. We were so anxious to register and create a list of items we wanted to have that would help make our house a home! Jody and I have dreamed about this home we are about to create for a while now, and it is so exciting to be so close to making that dream a reality.

Picking the places to register was the easiest decision by far. We both love Crate & Barrel; we use to walk through our local store in Richmond pretending we were shopping for a new house, pointing out items that were our favorites. We also wanted a store that had a wide variety of items that would be useful in a home, in addition to the standard bedroom and kitchen supplies, so we chose Bed, Bath and Beyond. We actually didn’t even consider any online registries, mostly because we wanted the experience of walking through the store and scanning items, and I love to pick things up and hold them, which you really can’t do online. However, we are planning to create a Honeymoon registry, which will have some excursions and extra goodies that we have the option of participating in on our honeymoon, that we may not buy for ourselves. More on this to come soon 🙂

As I had mentioned before, Jody and I decided to make a date night out of registering. Our plan was to head to Crate & Barrel first, refuel at dinner, and then continue on to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I admittedly had an unrealistic expectation that when we headed home that night, our registry would be completely done and I would be able to check it off of our list. Y’all, it is not possible. There are so many items to look at, sit on, and play with at each store and a couple hours on a Saturday night is not enough time. Plus, who knew there were 17 different types of bath towels in 30 different colors. These are not easy decisions for the indecisive.

However, after several trips to each store, we filled our registry with items that will be useful in our home, as well as some fun gadgets that we can’t wait to get our hands on! I thought it would be fun to share some favorites and how we plan to use them.

  1. Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer: I have been eyeing my mom’s for years now, and absolutely would love this in our kitchen. I really enjoy baking, and we hope to host family and friends often, so this mixer would make the process of prepare the sweets a little faster.
  2. Belgium Waffle Iron: This is one of those items that is definitely a splurge. I honestly didn’t realize how much it cost when we registered for it, but now we are convinced we need it (it has a removable plate so you can have a mini griddle!).
  3. Natural Throw Blanket: I don’t know about you, but I think throw blankets are one of those things that makes a home more cozy! We’d like to have a blanket latter in our living room and this one I chose from Crate & Barrel seems like a perfect addition, plus it looks so soft.
  4. Boxed Bar Set: From the time we first started talking marriage, we knew we wanted to be the couple to host our family and friends. Jody thoroughly enjoys making cocktails and drinking fine liquors, so it only seemed appropriate to have a bar set to complete our bar cart! This set is great because it comes with just about everything we would need for a variety of drinks.
  5. Stearns & Foster Down Pillows: One of the first pieces of advice I read regarding registering for a wedding is to splurge on bedding. While we haven’t pick out a bedspread we love yet, we definitely fell in love with how comfortable these pillows were! We decided to each register for a nice, memory foam pillow for our bed, in addition to regular pillows for the guest room. I literally think of these pillows every night when I lay down on my cheap Walmart pillows 🙂

As we approach the big day, we get more anxious to finally have our own place together and looking at these registry favorites gets me excited all over again. If you had a favorite item you registered for or received, let me know in the comments below!

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