April Goals

It is April, friends! It has always been one of my favorite months, and this year is no different. The weather is warming up (I’m typing this in 73-degree sunshine on the back patio!) and the days are getting longer, which means more dining al fresco – a simple joy of mine. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather while in Scottsdale on our babymoon, but that also means I’m ready to skip right to summer!

Before we can skip ahead, this month has so much goodness on the calendar. Last weekend, we went to the Food Truck Competition at our favorite local winery – an philanthropy event that has been cancelled for the past two years! This week, we are observing the end of Lent and Holy Week complete with a date night at a new restaurant we’ve been eager to try before church, Hot Cross Buns on Saturday morning, and a joyful Easter celebration on Sunday. A few days later, some of my closest family and friends arrive in town in time to celebrate Baby Cox at my baby shower! We wrap the month up with a camping trip in our new tent (Jody’s birthday gift!).

If April wasn’t already one of the best months of the year, it sure is looking to be that way!

March Goals

  1. Order furniture for the nursery.
  2. Attend 25 Week OB appointment.
  3. Register for baby prep classes.
  4. Paint nursery.
  5. Begin the “40 Days with Jesus” Bible study.
  6. Prepare for maternity leave discussion at work.
  7. Relax on our babymoon.
  8. Celebrate JBC’s birthday!

April Goals

  1. Attend Labor & Delivery and Newborn Care classes.
  2. Find pediatrician.
  3. Finish setting up nursery.
  4. Meet with replacement to discuss leave expectations.
  5. Book photographer for Maternity and Newborn pictures.
  6. Celebrate Baby Cox at my baby shower!
  7. Send baby shower thank you’s.
  8. Enjoy time unplugged on our camping trip.

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