Necessities for an Outdoor Movie Night

We’re soaking up all of the fun fall has to offer this season – bonfires, dining under our patio string lights, and outdoor movies, featuring an array of Halloween-themed films. Jody and I usually create a pre-determined list of spooky movies to watch each October ranging from thrillers like ‘The Shining’ to Disney Favorites like ‘Hocus Pocus’ (much to Jody’s dismay!). While I love cozy nights in our living room, there’s something extra special about an outdoor movie night, especially this time of year.

A while ago, Jody and I discussed how to get more use out of our patio, especially in the cooler months. We wanted to find a way to spend more time outside, even when it gets darker much earlier than the summer months. Once we built our privacy wall, we realized we had created a great spot for watching movies! Jody bought a projector, originally planning to use in the garage, and soon after we were gifted an outdoor movie screen, along with a campfire popcorn set. It took a while to finally make this plan a reality, but a few weekends ago, we had our first outdoor movie night.

While the concept doesn’t require much (screen, projector), there are many things that you might need to make your outdoor movie night a success! I gathered them all up into one blog post so that you can host your own outdoor movie night like a pro.


A little technology is needed to make your outdoor movie night a reality. Starting with a projector, you will want to find a projector that meets your needs. Whether the picture quality is most important, or the budget leads the decision making, there is one for you! Be sure to consider the streaming capabilities, the power source, portability and brightness. Jody found this one for us and we love it. It has a built-in speaker, but can easily be connected to a portable speaker.

Unless you are planning to project the movie on the side of your home (which is doable!), you’ll also need a screen. We have this one from Ozark Trail and love it – it can be connected to a canopy or folded to use in a tent while camping. Don’t forget extension cords, especially if your backyard theater isn’t near an outlet.


You can’t have a movie night without a movie! Especially this time of year, there is something so nostalgic about curling up to watch a fall movie. This could range from a spooky movie, to a fall-themed Hallmark movie, to a Disney Halloween classic. Our go-to fall movie that Jody and I both could watch anytime is “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, but I also shared a list of our favorites here.


There is nothing I love more than some seasonally-themed treats! From fun movie candy to your favorite popcorn, you can recreate your favorite theater treats at home. Make it a party with a Halloween themed charcuterie board or a candy apple bar! Top off your tasty treats with your favorite fall beverage. Personally, I love pairing a glass of pumpkin wine with a bowl of buttery pumpkin!


Lastly, set the mood for your outdoor movie night with cozy layers. Gather fluffy pillows to create a make-shift bed to lay on, or set up your home theater around your outdoor furniture. Add your favorite throw blankets to stay warm on these cool fall nights. Light some candles, sit under a set of twinkle lights and cozy up for a night under the stars!

Fall is the best time to cozy up to watch a spooky movie, and what better way to enjoy the season than to stream it while enjoying the beautiful, crisp fall nights!

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