Friday Favorites

Have you ever done something so dumb that you are equally embarrassed, ashamed, and shocked that it even happened? Well, that was me this week. I had been searching for my laptop the other day, confused why I couldn’t find my computer – it doesn’t seem like something that would be easily lost! But then, on my way out the door to an appointment, I caught a glimpse of my pink marbled case… on the front porch. I had been sitting out on my rocking chair, enjoying the sun, and working on my computer, when I must have walked away and forgot to go back and grab it. There it sat, all night, through the humidity of summer storms. Afterwards, it wouldn’t connect to the internet and I was prepared to schedule an appointment with Apple to see if it was completely fried, when low and behold, it somehow fixed itself this morning!

All of this to say, my computer trauma is the reason Friday Favorites is being shared on Saturday! Admittedly, none of the things I’m sharing today are new finds or purchase, rather a tried and true love list, which are just as good. Besides, I need to give my bank account a break before what I’m sure will be a round up of new fall favorites in the coming month!

SoundCore Liberty Air 2 by Anker Ear Pods: I wore these ear pods in this post, but feel inclined to share them with y’all after finding them this week after a brief hiatus (In the name of being honest, I misplaced them too – I really need to get it together!). They have the best sound quality and only takes about 10 minutes to charge. My favorite feature, however, is the various sizes of the ear tips for a secure fit.

Monogram Jute Carryall Bag: Yes, I know I just shared this bag last week, but it is really too good not the share again! It is just darling and such a cute accessory. I’ve been using it as a pool and beach day bag, but can’t wait to take to the farmer’s market throughout the fall.

MTV Graphic Tee: I picked up this graphic tee at Target last month and cannot get enough of it! It is so soft, and is the perfect casual top for working from home or running errands. I did size up for a looser fit as it fits true to size.

Breakfast Toast: I found this recipe on WW and y’all, I am obsessed. It is a simple, quick and Italian-inspired, so what’s not to love? To make this toast, you will need an egg, slice of bread, arugula, prosciutto and balsamic vinegar. Cook the egg either sunny side-up or fried, and layer toast with arugula, prosciutto and egg. Drizzle with vinegar and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Night at the Ballgame: The good thing about sharing this round up today rather than on Friday is I can share my look from the baseball game we went to last night, specifically these fantastic earrings! My sister and I gifted my dad tickets to an Orioles game for Father’s Day and ever since, I have been eyeing these baseball earrings from the Sugarfix by BaubleBar line at Target. Unfortunately, they are sold out now, but I was able to find a few pairs on Poshmark and Ebay, if you have to have them! It was a great time, even though the Orioles lost, not that anyone is surprised 🙂

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