August Goals

It seems a bit like a dream that we are already in the last full month of summer. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it being August – the school year is approaching faster than I’m prepared for, which subsequently means I’ll be transitioning back to working in the building full-time, but on the other hand, I am looking forward to making the most of the warm and sunny days ahead.

July seemed to fly by, and I’m sure August will be the same. We don’t have many travel plans this month, so we are hoping to kayak, spend time at the pool, and maybe make another trip to the beach. Either way, we plan to spend as much time as possible slowing down and being present to savor the end of this season.

July Goals

  1. Finish “Joy” Write the Word journal and order a new one. The journals I use are restocked next week, if you’re interested!
  2. Get back into the routine of weekly date nights.
  3. Address some current struggles and come up with action plan for healing.
  4. Finish reading three books.
  5. Continue writing through wedding memories journal. Didn’t make any progress this month, moving to August
  6. Joyfully host friends and family at our house this month.
  7. Choose paint color and paint bedroom.
  8. Submit inquiry to team up with local organizations on an upcoming blog post. I didn’t reach out to a local organization, but did some outreach to a few companies I love!

August Goals

  1. Order new Write the Word journal and finish Season Two of The Chosen.
  2. Go on three phone free walks with Jody a week and plan a date night out at a restaurant we haven’t visited in a while.
  3. Try two new GP friendly recipes (I will be sharing more about this later this month!).
  4. Spend time outside soaking up the sun.
  5. Move wedding memory book to central location and continue to record memories.
  6. Restock celebration cards.
  7. Finish our bedroom by painting, ordering a new rug, and purchasing lamps for the nightstands.
  8. Write this month’s posts that I’m excited about in advance.

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