Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m back with another round up of my favorites from the past month. This month, as we’ve been transitioning from winter to spring, I’ve found my new go-to cocktail when I’m in the mood for a little bourbon, a cute pair of everyday earrings, a Netflix series that I binged in less than a week and making time some self-care (shopping for decor at Target counts as self-care, right??). It’s been a good month, but I can’t wait for the warmer days ahead!

Winter Honey Bourbon Cocktail Even though spring is finally here, I have been loving this Winter Honey Bourbon Cocktail over the past few weeks! While the sage definitely brings wintery vibes, this has been the perfect bourbon cocktail for the chillier nights.

Dogwood Stems I found these Dogwood Stems from the Hearth & Hand line at Target – they are so darling! They have been the perfect, simple addition as we have transitioned into spring. I may even try to pick up a few more before they are all gone!

MaryKay Retinol Set In the past year, I have notice more fine lines and discoloration appear on my face. Even though I know it is a natural part of getting older (and due to spending a lot of time in the sun as a child!), I was hopeful of finding a product that would reverse some of that damage. Then, MaryKay launched their new Clinical Solutions Retinol Set, and I had to try it. I’ve definitely noticed that the appearance of my forehead wrinkles have decreased, as well as some of the discoloration near my temples. As an added plus, it feels like a just left the spa when I apply it!

Earrings I picked up these simple bud earrings from J. Crew Factory last week and have been wearing them nonstop. They are the cutest little ear jacket, with one crystal stud, and then the others cupping the bottom of your earlobe. They compliment any outfit, and are the perfect little earring that you can wear day or night that won’t get tangled in your facemask!

Sweet Magnolias If you are looking for a feel-good, southern, drama to binge, tune into Steel Magnolias on Netflix. The series is based off of the Sweet Magnolias novels by Sherryl Woods. Y’all, I watched this in less than a week! The end leaves a pretty big cliff-hanger, but luckily, the series has been renewed for another season! If you are a early 2000’s sitcom fan, you’ll be happy to know that Joanna Garcia and Jamie Lynn Spears star in this series!

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