March Goals

It seems a bit surreal to have reached March again. A sentiment that I’m sure is felt by many right now, but it is hard to believe it has been a year since our world has been flipped upside down, and maybe even harder to believe that we are still in the midst of it. I remember thinking that I’d only be working from home for two weeks; surely by May all would be well. Now, here we are, just shy of a week since everything began to close a year ago, and more than a year since we’ve seen or hugged many loved ones and friends.

That feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that as I reflect on March, I also think of the joys that have occurred in the past twelve months: we learned to make time and to reach out to our loved one; spend more time outside; saw communities come together for the greater good; friends expanded their families; found a greater appreciation for travel than ever before; and cherished the little moments in time that we usually sprint right by.

As we look ahead, I can’t help but think of the symbolism of this moment with the arrival of spring. The trees are budding and soon they will bloom. The sun will stay with us a few seconds longer each day and the air will begin to be embrace us in with a warm breeze. This is the season of hope and renewal. Spring is coming, friends!

February Goals:

  1. Decide how to observe Lent
  2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with JBC
  3. Complete a health-focused activity once a week
  4. Add six patches to my patch blanket
  5. Bake a sweet treat!
  6. Choose a new bedroom set (I was super optimistic in setting this, rolling to next month and hopeful of finding what we are looking for!)
  7. Plan Quarter 1 blog content

March Goals

  1. Complete a Lenten-themed activity each week
  2. Schedule weekly date nights and celebrate JBC’s 30th birthday!
  3. Read ‘Rhythms of Renewal’
  4. Add four patches to my patch blanket
  5. Book our spring camping trip
  6. Choose new bedroom furniture and update the pantry
  7. Reach out to friends I haven’t talked to lately
  8. Brainstorm Quarter 2 content for the blog (If there is anything you’d like to see as we head into spring, I’d love to hear!)

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