Tidings of Joy Gift Guide

Joy – I can’t think of a better word to guide us through the last month of this year and the overall Christmas season! Whether that giddy Christmas morning happiness comes easy for you or not, today’s gift guide is all about spreading a little joy this season. From sentimental to borderline ridiculous, I hope these gift ideas bring a smile to your face and a thrill of hope to your soul.

  1. Dom Perignon: Cheers, y’all! Popping champagne bottles is basically joy in a bottle, so how fitting is it that champagne is the first gift on this guide? While a bottle of Dom Perignon may not be in everyone’s holiday budget, any bottle of bubbly can help spread a little joy this season.
  2. Travel Gift Card: While leisure travel is mostly halted at this point, a prepaid gift card for a trip (or even just a night away) will bring so much joy to the travel lover in your life. I am particularly am intrigued by Pack Up + Go, a travel agency that helps you plan your trip leaving your destination as a surprise! What a fun gift idea!
  3. Engraved Pizza Cutter: I know I’ve mentioned our engraved pizza cutter that we received as a wedding gift on here before, but y’all, nothing makes me giggle more than pulling out the fanciest pizza cutter I’ve ever seen every Friday night. This gift is the perfect gift of joy for any pizza lover in your life, because honestly, who doesn’t feel joy when pizza is involved!
  4. Gratitude Kit: I am a firm believer that gratitude is the key to happiness, so when I came across this kit, I knew it had to be a part of this guide. Designed to help you track your gratitude each week, this guided journal and note set will help lead you through finding little blessings in your everyday. What a great way to kick off a new year!
  5. Bluetooth Speaker: Music is a source of joy (and comfort!) to many, so you really can’t go wrong with a set of speakers. I especially love this bluetooth speaker, because not only does it look good, but it is small enough that you could take it anywhere!
  6. Personalized Socks: I bought Jody these socks for our anniversary last year and I’m still laughing about it. We even bought my brother-in-law a pair of socks with his dog’s face on them last year – they are always a hit!
  7. 52 Lists for Happiness Journal: If you aren’t familiar with the 52 Lists project, this journal is filled with weekly prompts designed to help you find happiness, joy and balance to your life. I think this would be a great gift for someone who had a particularly hard year, but would honestly be great for anyone!
  8. Photo Album: One of my favorite gifts that I may have ever given my father-in-law was a photo album full of our wedding pictures. He isn’t one to make a big to-do over gifts, but it was clear that he was touched by the album (which now lives on his coffee table, I might add!). I know social media pretty much hold all of our photos now, but I think gifting someone a book of images of you, your family, or maybe a special memory together would be a gift full of so much joy.
  9. Royalty Pet Portrait: If you know someone who’s pet is the Queen (or King!) Bee, then you must gift them with this personalized royalty portrait. I can’t help but giggle imagining my cats’ faces on the head of the royal attire!
  10. Guacamole Bowl: Chips, dip, guac and margaritas – four words that fill my soul with a completely different level of joy. MudPie has the cutest items with the cheekiest engravings, and I think this guacamole bowl would make the perfect little gift!
  11. Cake Stand: Cake is another item that is synonymous with joy and I just love the swirl of colors of this cake stand!
  12. Celebrations Binder: If you’ve been following for a while, you know of my love for the Cultivate What Matters gals. They released this Celebrations Binder, which helps plan intentional big events or the every day celebrations.
  13. Choose Joy Mug: Sarah at ChalkfulofLove makes the cutest mugs and this “Choose Joy” mug is no exception. I love how this gentle little reminder will greet you each morning.
  14. Vintage Board Game: My family is big on board games; so much so that when I see them, it takes me back to playing hours upon hours of yelling and laughing our way through games with my cousins every Christmas! I just loved how darling this vintage Candy Land is!
  15. Virtual Class Experience: I honestly never thought that online classes could be all that exciting, until I came across these flower arranging classes by Alice’s Table. Having a fresh bouquet of flowers in my house this year has brought so much joy, so how fun would it be to learn how to arrange your own like a pro?! They a variety of themed classes and will deliver all of the supplies you’ll need right to your front door.

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