November Goals

Admittedly, I’m a little sad to see October go, but only because October was so, so good. We got to see friends we haven’t seen in months, visit our favorite apple orchard, hike a new-to-us trail to see the beautiful foliage, enjoyed many bonfire evenings, and sweetest of all, we brought home our new kittens! It was the perfect mix of fall activities and novelty that almost made it seems like our world was going back to normal. November is shaping up to be just as sweet — we have more celebrations on the calendar, a few days off from work, and of course, preparation for the holiday season!

The arrival of November also reminds me that I have two months left to wrap up my 2020 goals. I’ve seen great progress in some areas, and am starting to see some goals that I can continue to grow in 2021. Even though 2020 gave us quite the curveball this year, I’m anxious to see how many goals I can neatly check off as “complete!” by the end of December!

October Goals

  • Choose and complete a Devotional on YouVersion
  • Celebrate Fall and Babies with friends
  • Establish Fall Fun List and finish reading two books
  • Upload Photos and start Peru album
  • Complete two small home-improvement projects We completed one with plans to finish the second one this weekend!
  • Plan blog content for the remainder of the year
  • Sit down with Jody and set our Quarter 4 budget

November Goals

  • Write out my gratitude using this Write the Word journal.
  • Brainstorm and purchase Christmas gifts for our families
  • Find two new-to-us hiking trails
  • Order our Christmas cards – one of my favorite traditions!
  • Host our families for Thanksgiving (for the first time!)
  • Write at least one blog post in advance
  • Utilize Black Friday sales to get a deal on appliance upgrades

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