Our Getaway to Maine: Part Two

Early into our trip, Jody and I decided that Wednesday seemed like the ideal day to head up to Acadia National Park, which was just about 90 minutes away from our cabin. We figured it was far enough into the trip that we wouldn’t mind a longer car ride, and not too close to the end of the trip that we would feel like we spent the whole time in the car. While we had plans to wake up early to watch the sunrise every day, the past two days had been foggy so I figured this day would be no different. However, Jody woke me up just as the sky was turning all shades of pink and orange for the most glorious sunrise out of my blurry eyes. The sky was filled with color and I managed to grab a few pictures before snoozing a little more before we headed up to Acadia.

As we headed out of Northport, we passed a doughnut shop and made a spontaneous swing through for coffee and sweets. I was surprised that they actually had almond milk for my coffee, and even more surprised by how delicious these doughnuts were (this, coming from a person who eats maybe one doughnut a year!). We got the blueberry glaze and maple, and while both were so good, the maple one was far better than the blueberry. The perfect amount of sweet and doughy!

During our drive to Acadia, Jody and I decided that we wanted to do at least one hike while we were there. We compiled a list of trails we were interested in – Jordan’s Pond Loop, Cadillac Mountain, and North Bubble Trail. Once we arrived at the park, we found a park ranger that was able to give us some suggestions on the hikes with the best views and least amount of traffic.

We opted for the North Ridge trail, which lead to the summit of Cadillac Mountain. It was about 2 miles each way and rated as moderate, which didn’t seem too challenging since I walk between three to four miles almost everyday. However, we didn’t take into consideration that we are used to sea-level altitude, not tallest-mountain-on-the-east-coast altitude, or the fact we had a 1/4 of bottle of water for the two of us and limited snacks for this hike, not to mention, I had a hole forming in the bottom of my shoe!

The trail was partially wooded, which was appreciated when we needed a break from the sun, but scrambling over the boulders made us feel like the outdoorsy people we strive to be. It also provided a welcomed change of pace, pushing us out of our comfort zone, which was great since it turned out that we really enjoyed ourselves.

While we misjudged the level of the trail for our level of preparedness, the views over Bar Harbor, bay, and surrounding islands were worth the struggle. Even though there were times when we were genuinely worried for our ability in completing the trail, it was such a fun hike and we are glad we chose to see one of the most famous spots of Acadia by way of hiking.

Since our hike took a bit longer than we anticipated, and considering that we were completely worn out, we decided to see more of the park by driving the Acadia Park Loop road. We stopped for a quick dip of our toes in the chilly water at Sand Beach, before along the rocky coast. With the windows down and sunroof open, we slowly made our way through the park before heading into Bar Harbor.

One of the things I remember most about my previous visit to Bar Harbor was the most delicious blueberry muffin and blueberry pie. Since we hadn’t had lunch, and it was still a bit early for dinner, we went on a search for a treat to satisfy my craving. Disappointedly, the place that previously had the blueberry muffin had closed for the day, but we did find a little bakery, The Pink Pastry Shop, that sold slices of pie. We got a sliced to share and found a patch of grass overlooking the harbor to indulge in our hiking adventure reward.

We mostly window shopped for the rest of our time Bar Harbor, with the exception of finding a spot for dinner. We tried to get a table at Side Street Cafe, which came highly recommended by locals, but the wait time was longer than we were willing to wait since we still had to drive 90 minutes back to our cabin. We ended up at an outdoor table at The Thirsty Whale Tavern, where I enjoyed a Lobster Roll and Jody had the grilled chicken sandwich. Before hitting the road back to Northport, we slipped back into the Pink Pastry Shop and picked up another slice of Blueberry Pie and grabbed a Lemon Blueberry Whoopie Pie on a whim. We definitely had our fair share of carbs, but I think it’s safe to say that we worked them off!

The next morning, clear skies were forecasted, so I set my alarm extra early to ensure I would be awake to watch the sunrise from our cabin porch. I made myself a cup of coffee just in time to watch the sunrise over the trees in the distance. I knew the view was good based on the reviews of our cabin, but I wasn’t prepared for how good. I think I took over 50 pictures of the sunrise during our week!

Later that morning, we headed back to Camden to entertain our newly-discovered hiking hobby at Camden Hills State Park. We found a mostly wooden trail to follow that led us to a lookout that provided picturesque views of the Camden Harbor. Way off in the distance, we could even see the Rockland Breakwater that we had walked just a few days before!

We had initially hoped to do a schooner tour, but unfortunately, they were completely booked for the rest of the week. Instead, we headed back to the cabin where we spent the rest of the afternoon playing card games before dinner in Belfast.

We chose to eat at Nautilus, which is a seafood grill right on the water. I ordered the scallops and Jody ordered the Blueberry Chicken, which I thought was a tasty combo! Honestly, it wasn’t our favorite meal of the trip and was a bit overpriced, but we ended the night with some handcrafted ice cream, which we both throughly enjoyed!

We didn’t have any big plans for our last full day in Maine but it ended up being a day of culinary adventure. We woke up to enjoy another breathtaking sunrise before grabbing breakfast at Bell the Cat. It was a bit cooler this morning than it had been all week, which was a welcomed change to the heat we were hoping to escape. After breakfast, we walked along the Belfast Harbor Walk and through town before making the spontaneous decision to drive an hour down to Wiscasset for a late lunch at Red’s Eats – known as the home of the best Lobster Roll in all of Maine.

The line for Red’s Eats was long and wrapped around the block, but the staff was kind enough to bring umbrellas and water for us standing in the sun. It took about an hour to make it up to the window to order, which I didn’t mind since I wasn’t super hungry anyway. Even better, our wait allowed time for the lunch crowd to clear out, which meant that we were able to get a table on their back deck. The anticipation grew once we were seated and when my giant lobster roll finally arrived, it was well worth every second of the wait. If you are in Maine, this place is a must!

We wandered through the few little shops in Wiscasset before heading back to Northport. I really enjoyed Rock, Paper, Scissors, which is a little stationary store across the street from Red’s Eats. Once we got back to the cabin, we went on a walk and relaxed before dinner at Young’s Lobster Pound.

If you are looking for the authentic lobster pound experience, this is it. We had looked at the menu prior to arriving so we placed our order at the front counter before heading out on the deck to find a bench to sit. We were given a number when we ordered and waited for them to call to go pick up our food. We didn’t realize until we arrived that you could bring your own snacks and drinks, but it didn’t ruin our experience at all. The setting sun provided the most serene setting and I laughed while Jody scarfed down his hotdog, while I savored every last buttery bite of fresh Maine lobster. There wasn’t a better way to wrap up the last night of this trip.

On Saturday morning, we grab one last breakfast at The Hoot and made one last stop at the infamous Belfast Farmers Market. We picked up some souvenirs (mostly blueberry-inspired food and wine) before hitting the road for our nine hour drive home.

We were sad to leave this state that we are both now infatuated with, but so so grateful that we were able to take this trip. It was a much needed getaway that gave us a bit of a break from everything going on in the world and a chance to refocus on the things that really matter. We discovered a new hobby, learned that a simple dinner in can be just as fulfilling as a fancy one out, and were reminded of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. We can’t wait to return to Maine, but in the meantime, we are excited to spend more time exploring the great outdoors.

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