September Goals

For the first time in my life, I am more excited for the arrival of fall than I am sad for the end of summer. I am actually considering decorating for fall prior to October 1, which if you know me, you know that means I’ll be breaking all sorts of rules that I set for myself! Just something about the cool air and cozy sweaters seems more comforting than usual this year.

I’m also energized (while simultaneously exhausted) by the start of the new school year, which if you don’t know, is what my job is based around. Our students are starting this year off virtually while staff is in the building and I will be balancing a new routine of working from school and home on different days throughout the week. I’m anxious to find this balance and also to establish a new routine (the inspiration for one of this month’s goals!), which feels like I haven’t had in months.

Overall, September feels like a month of transitions and fresh starts which I hope will allow us to turn the page to looking forward to what’s ahead. This month, we already had one very exciting visit with friends we haven’t seen in about 10 months and of course the start of the school year. Jody and I are hoping to schedule a camping trip in the next few weeks and then spend the rest of our weekends finding the balance between “is it summer?” at the beach or bonfires if it’s fall!

August Goals

  • Participate in and complete the Write the Word challenge later this month
  • Hold a Jamaican-themed date night with Jody
  • Invest in a new fitness tracker
  • Start Peru scrapbook and upgrade to iPhone X
  • Find a Work From Home desk for Jody
  • Take new head shots for blog
  • Tend to retirement account needs
  • Relax on our trip to Maine!

September Goals

  • Complete devotional with Jody
  • Make a weekend trip to visit our friends and their new home
  • Pick reading over screen time at least once a week
  • Tackle patch blanket project by sewing on at least five patches
  • Paint our front door and invite friends over for a bonfire
  • Greet Year 4 of work with joy and grace and dedicate time to work on blog
  • Work with Jody and plan our budget for the last quarter of the year

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