May Goals

Happy May, friends! It is kind of amazing how fast April went by – I guess that’s what happens when the days all blur together! Some days it seems like we are still in the beginning stages of quarantining (hard to believe it has actually been seven weeks!) while other days seems like Easter was a century ago. As I write this, I’m sitting here thinking “Did I even do anything in April other than work and watch TV?!”

As my pictures on my phone remind me, we still found ways to keep our days exciting.  Jody and I picked up my favorite local fresh-mex margaritas for dinner one night, had the best at-home Easter celebration, tried several new recipes, was reminded of my love for reading, found a new path to take on our walks, let ourselves rest and binge some fun shows and had an at-home brunch complete with a mimosa bar. The days are blurring together and some do seem long, we may be going a bit stir-crazy and are ready for normal life to resume, but we are, dare I say, adjusting to our new normal. And in this moment, I’m so glad that we have found ways to make the bland days feel grand (hence, the inspiration behind my second goal listed below!).


April Goals

  • Find creative ways to observe Holy Week and celebrate Easter from home
  • Work with JBC to check items off our Quarantine Bucket List
  • Learn about gardening, specifically how to build and curate a raised garden bed
  • Finish and order the Italy trip scrapbook
  • Complete outdoor patio project and schedule a time to spring clean
  • Create a Media Kit for the blog
  • Support local businesses in this uncertain time

May Goals

  • Buy and start ‘100 Days to Brave’ devotional
  • Find joy in the everyday through creative at-home celebrations
  • Participate in the Tone It Up Summer Series
  • Take more pictures
  • Complete journalling and order Italy scrapbook
  • Create a cleaning schedule and spring clean our home
  • Purchase patio furniture and create a savings plan with Jody

One thought on “May Goals

  1. We are adjusting to our new normal aren’t we? My activities jar was the best thing I’ve done this whole time! Not only are my days going by faster I’m not sitting here anxious and worried about everything. For that I’m totally grateful 💕! It’s made me reevaluate my life and what I really want for it. I love sharing my story and helping others it makes me feel so good.


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