March Goals

I’m honestly surprised by how much I accomplished during February, for what seemed like a relatively busy month. I may have helped myself out by having a few goals that I knew I was going to check off, like attend a financial Advisor seminar and order our honeymoon album (it was Jody’s Valentine’s Day present!!), but I think that is what made me motivated to work towards my other goals as well. With our schedule picking back up to its regularly busy style, intentionally planning when I can work on my goals plays a huge factor on how much I can achieve during one months time.

We had such a fun February, spent most with family and friends! We hosted some friends for a casual Superbowl Party at the beginning of the month, attended a Galentine’s Day dessert party with some friends from high school, and celebrated Valentine’s Day at our favorite local Italian restaurant. We packed up for a weekend and headed to Richmond, where we celebrated my Father-in-law’s birthday and our goddaughter’s church dedication. Finally, we wrapped the month up with a birthday celebration for my sister! It was definitely a change of pace after our slow and rest-filled January.

Looking ahead to March, I’m highly anticipating celebrating the start of spring, Jody’s birthday, and a spring weekend getaway trip with my sister! I hope to be as intentional with my goals this month. I’m cautiously waiting, though, to see if any last signs of winter will make their appearance this year. Y’all, we have not seen any snow this year! I’m torn between wanting one good snow day and wanting to live in my shorts and sandals again!

February Goals

  • Chose Lenten fast or how I will observe Lent this year.
  • Order bulk celebration cards and celebrate Valentine’s Day!
  • Finish reading “Something In the Water” and participate in a barre, yoga or strengthen class.
  • Order “Honeymoon” album and set deadline to complete “Italy” album and work on it.
  • Create cleaning schedule and make decision about fireplace for living room.
  • Plan out blog content for quarter and post at least once a week.
  • Find way to track expenses in 2020 and attend Financial Advisor seminar.
  • Extra fun goal: Book spring travel and summer vacation!

March Goals

  • Observe Lent by reading His Love Endures study from She Reads Truth and participate in Social Media Free evenings
  • Celebrate JBC’s 29th birthday!
  • Book our summer vacation/ delayed anniversary trip
  • Complete one Tone It Up workout out once a week
  • Finish designing and journaling our Italy trip album
  • Complete quick office + craft room update and brainstorm outdoor patio plans
  • Learn about blog photography by reading how to articles and continue to blog at least once a week
  • File our 2019 taxes

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