6 Ways to Unwind After Work

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I’m fasting from using social media after dinner during Lent this year. I’ve become all too comfortable coming home from work, plopping on the couch and getting lost in the world of Instagram, Facebook and the like for countless minutes (even hours!). And while sometimes it is nice to decompress from a particularly long day in that way, there are so many other ways to unwind in the evening hours. Partially in the spirit to motivate me through the next forty days of Lent, today I thought I’d share five ways to unwind after work other than scrolling social media!

  1. Exercise. While I’m the first to admit that I really dislike working out, I’m plenty aware of all of the good things it does for you. Most days, I meet my mom after work and we spend 30-60 minutes walking and talking. It is a great way to get your heart pumping and you’re bound to feel better about yourself after. If walking isn’t your thing, go for a quick run, head to your local gym and lift weights, or participate in an online workout class at home. In fact, I’m writing this after just finishing a Barre class online!
  2. Bake or cook one of your favorite recipes. I’ll include a disclaimer on this one – if baking or cooking isn’t up your alley, then I don’t suggest this for you. While I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, I don’t like to fuss over a complicated meal after a long day. However, I do enjoy the preparation process of chopping, measuring, and of course, taste testing! Don’t be afraid to get into the kitchen, even after a long day, but definitely opt for one of your easier or favorite go-to recipes. You don’t want to add stress to your day by dealing with a complicated meal! If baking is more your style, then whip up a batch of cookies! In a way, you’ll be rewarding yourself for making it through another day! 🙂
  3. Treat Yourself. One of my favorite ways to decompress after a particularly long week is indulging in a little wine and a classic charcuterie board. I keep a collection of crackers, meats, and cheeses in our kitchen on a regular basis so I’m always prepared, should an opportunity present itself. Jody and I usually turn on an French or Italian Cafe station on Spotify to listen to as I prepare the board and he pours the wine. We then set up our little snack station on our coffee table, curl up on couch, and turn on a movie.
  4. Relax Outside. I always get reenergized in the most relaxing way possible after spending time outdoors, especially when it is nice out. Go for a leisurely stroll. Watch the sunset. Sit on your porch and watch the world pass by. To me, there is nothing more relaxing than just sitting in the fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature, just observing the beauty that surrounds me. Even better if I’m accompanied by a cup of tea or a glass of wine.
  5. Work on that project that you’ve been meaning to do. I know, I’m encouraging you to do more work, after you get home from work. But depending on what that project is, it might be the perfect time to get it done. If you have a couple of house projects lined up, maybe the evening is not the time to start them, but you could make sure you have all of the supplies you need or the plans lined up. However, if the project is working on something online, finishing that quilt, or finally hanging that gallery wall — go for it! I like to use the evenings sometimes to work on one of my online scrapbook projects. I’m currently working through our trip to Italy from a few years ago and it is honestly refreshing to reminisce on our trip as I work on it.
  6. Pick up a book and read. I am a huge fan of reading and can’t think of a better way to unwind than leaving the worries of your world behind, and getting lost in someone else’s story for a bit. Whether its curling up in my favorite chair or lounging on our patio, reading has always been a way to unwind and disconnect for me. If you are looking for something to read, check out my post from last week, with my list of books for the year!

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind after a long day at work? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below!

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