August Goals

Friends! This summer has flown by — I can hardly believe it’s already the middle of August. While it feels like the season is over, especially as I prepare for another school year at my job, I know we still have a month until the official end. I’m looking forward to ending this summer the way it began — busy and full of all the good stuff! A few weeks ago, my parents, sister, Jody and I finally made it to the annual Hot Air Balloon festival at a local winery, (which we have been trying to attend for three years!), I spent a day a local beach, sitting in the sun and reading “The Secret to Southern Charm” from my 2019 Reading List, attended a Bourbon Tasting Party that our friends hosted, and later this week, I’m headed to Colorado for a weekend to visit with one of my best friends! I can’t think of a better way to wrap up August!


July Goals

  1. Spend time in my new Write the Word journal and listen to Christian-inspired podcasts while walking or driving.
  2. Create a list of dates and adventures that Jody and I want to do before the end of summer.
  3. Finish my 7th out of 12 books from my 2019 Reading List.
  4. Try a new, summer-inspired, recipe each week.
  5. Update our expenses as we transition to a two-income household.
  6. Complete one Tone It Up workout a week, in addition to my weekly walking goal.
  7. Finish Honeymoon album and compile pictures for our Italy album.

August Goals

  1. Write the Word in my journal at least once a week.
  2. Check two date ideas off of our summer bucket list before Labor Day.
  3. Finish my 7th and 8th out of 12 books from my 2019 Reading List.
  4. Intentionally declutter as we transition into a new season.
  5. Meet with a financial advisor to learn more about preparing for our future.
  6. Complete two Tone It Up workouts this month.
  7. Finish Honeymoon album once and for all!

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