June Goals

Happy best month of the year, y’all!! June is hands-down the best month — the beginning of summer, warm weather, and sunshine! My birthday and our wedding anniversary are also this month as well. So you may see that I am a little partial :).

This month is such a crazy month for us! I had a big event at work earlier this week, the last week of school is next week, which means I have some work deadlines quickly approaching and a two-night work retreat, summer camps will be starting, and we will be on vacation with most of my family for the last week of the month!

I’m most looking forward to all of the celebrating that we will be doing this month — my 26th birthday, our 2nd wedding anniversary, my dad’s retirement, my mom was announced Teacher of the Year for our school district and my little sister was accepted to medical school and is moving home! So many things, but my heart is so full.

Jody and I celebrated the beginning of June with an afternoon at the beach!

May Goals:

  1. Prayerfully turn to God as we work through some decisions this month.
  2. Celebrate Jody’s graduation from grad school!!!
  3. Take advantage of our screened in porch and read two books off of my Reading List. I started two, so I am considering this half checked off!
  4. Blog a tour of our Newlywed apartment, feature our favorite spaces in our first home together. Coming soon! 🙂
  5. Book hotel room for vacation and set aside money for two excursions on vacation.
  6. Workout at least once a week, in addition to walking.
  7. Finish final edits in our Honeymoon album and start scrapbooking our trip to Italy.

June Goals:

  1. Find a short devotion to do during coffee time this summer.
  2. Celebrate two wonderful years of marriage with my husband!
  3. Finish reading “Girls in White Dresses” and “Whiskey in a Tea Cup” before going on vacation!
  4. Post the Newlywed Home apartment tour and eat as many dinners on the porch as possible this month 🙂
  5. Update our expense as we transition to a two-income household!
  6. Walk every day!
  7. Read tips on landscape photography and finish final edits in our honeymoon album.

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