Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all! This Friday seems a little bit sweeter than most as we are heading into Memorial Day Weekend! We aren’t traveling this weekend — when you live on the way to the beach, you do all in your power to not leave your house! We are, however, celebrating Jody with a graduation picnic tomorrow. I’m excited to celebrate this huge milestone with family, friends and some good food!

Today I am sharing some of my recent favorites that I’ve come across in the past few months. It is a bit of a random assortment of things, but that seems fitting as all who work in schools know that we are currently in survival mode until the end of the school year. The countdown to summer is on!

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Favorite Find: I wasn’t exactly looking for healthier, plant-based coffee creamer, but when I found Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Unsweetened Plant Based Half & Half, I had to try it. Trying and finding new creamers is hard for me because so many are super sweet and all dairy, which I can’t really drink. However, this Coffee Mate half and half is part almond milk, part coconut milk and is unsweetened! So good! The only downfall is I can only find it in the small bottle size at a grocery store 30 minutes away.

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Favorite Binge: “The Crown” has been on my list on Netflix for months, and I finally started it! If you aren’t familiar with this Netflix series, it follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the mid-1940s to modern times. It has been incredibly interesting learning more about the British monarchy and of course, a glimpse of life as a royal. The episodes are an hour long, however, it does take time to work your way through this series. I’m looking forward to having more time to watch it once the school year ends!


Favorite Recipe: Okay so this isn’t quite a recipe but it does perfectly top off my recent go-to lunches! After hearing about Trader Joe’s Rosé Vinaigrette, I had to pick up a bottle and try it for myself! Salads aren’t usually my go-to lunch, but this vinaigrette is light and sweet enough to compliment my apple and walnut salads. It is the perfect salad dressing for a light lunch, especially on warm days!

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Favorite New Shoes:  I recently saw a blogger share these A New Day Rain Boots from Target and thought she probably is the only person in the world to make a pair of rainboots look stylish. But then I also thought about rainy springs, and how my L.L. Bean Boots might be a tad too warm for spring weather. After about a month of visiting these beauts (see what I did there ;)), I finally decided to make them mine. I bought my boots in the grey and love them! It’s so nice to slip these on for errands rather than trying to decide which shoes I don’t care about getting wet.


Favorite Memory: I can’t share this edition of Friday Favorites without recognizing the big event that happened this week — Jody graduated! After three years, a move to Maryland, a wedding, new jobs, countless hours studying, and too many missed dinners later, he graduated with his Masters’ in Social Work (and with honors!) on Wednesday evening. I am so proud of him and can’t wait to see how successful he will be in his career!

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