August Goals

Where has the summer gone?! With August more than half over, I honestly considered not writing an August Goals post this month (plus, let’s be honest. We are all anticipating the recap from our trip to Peru!!). However, I did realize that even though I haven’t written down my goals for this month yet, I should still work towards my yearly goals for the remainder of this month.

July was a busy month that went as fast as it came. After taking a few days to kick our jet lag from our trip to Italy, we had a low-key celebration for the 4th of July. We spent a weekend with family and friends in Richmond and also went on a weekend getaway to Kerr Lake. My sister came to visit for the weekend at the end of the month and Jody and I prepared for our trip to Peru! It was an extremely busy month for us only being home for four weeks!


July Goals

  • Create a budget and itinerary for our second trip this summer
  • Complete this devotion prior to beginning my work each day
  • Grow and tend a mini herb garden on our deck
  • Save the time with friends and family while in Richmond for a weekend
  • Create a list of fun summer activities with Jody to make the most of these long summer days
  • Blog our trip to Italy and begin brainstorming for posts while we are gone again in early August Okay, so I definitely didn’t anticipate how long it would take to write all about our trip to Italy! I ran out of time to blog while we were gone, but I’m back now y’all!
  • Decide on and purchase summer pillows and decor for the deck with the hopes that we will have some cool evenings this month to enjoy it!

August Goals

  • Purchase late summer decor to give our home a facelift
  • Complete this devotion prior to the start of school in September
  • Savor the trip to Peru with Jody to explore his birthland! 
  • Complete our Couples Goal Guide with Jody
  • Start on some upcoming craft projects before the upcoming school year

What’s on your list for the last full month of summer? Tell me in the comments below!

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