Memorial Day Cookout Ideas

Growing up so close to the beach, I never traveled anywhere for the long Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day these days tends to signify the early beginning to summer, especially as thousands of people make their way towards the coast for the weekend. But for those of us who live along the crossroads to the beaches know better than to try to go anywhere due to the sheer amount of traffic that has begun to control our roadways from now until September. For us, it tends to signify the “and so it begins” mindset.

Nonetheless, I have always been one for celebrating any occasion, especially when it has anything to do with being patriotic (after pink, I think my favorite colors quite possibly may be red, white and blue!), so I keep an arsenal of ideas for a last minute cookout. I tend to put more of a “summer kickoff” spin on things, just to keep the day separate from the Fourth of July — both wonderful holidays but for very different reasons.

Images Left to Right: Paper Straws // Sweet Tea Picnic // Berry Popsicles // Gingham Linen Napkins // American Flag // Watermelon Skewers // Fire Pit // Burger Sliders

What I love most about Memorial Day parties is that they are typically outdoor cookouts — a first of the season for many. A wholesome vibe can easily be achieved by a simple-but-delicious menu, showcasing many foods and fruit that are fresh during the season. Keeping the decor bright, light and colorful in the most subtle of ways can create a laidback but festive feel for the entire evening. I especially like when the decor is paired with some everyday items, like linen napkins. I have all the heart eyes for these buffalo check napkins!

While cooking out with friends and family over the unofficial kickoff weekend to summertime is something that many of us look forward to, we can’t forget the reason behind the holiday. While you’re enjoying your long weekend, be sure to thank the men and women that protect our country and the families of those who gave their lives. I know that I am grateful!


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